Which gameplay streaming platforms are the fastest or slowest?

Gamers are turning to gameplay livestreams in the tens of millions. But which platform is the most responsive when it comes to delivering video to you? Wowza Media Systems has the answers. The company measured the latency of seven well-known game-streaming services with publicly available platforms. The winner? Beam. The loser? DailyMotion.

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Powering Amazing Virtual Reality Video Experiences

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen an evolution in visual computing enabled by cloud-based computing. This evolution is bringing forth the next wave, what we term the visual cloud. 

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NewTek and Wowza Release MediaDS

Encoder offers NewTek proprietary IP inputs, world-class color correction, and an integrated Wowza Streaming Engine for live delivery.

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NewTek and Wowza Announce Availability of MediaDS

The First Ever Global & Local Media Distribution Platform Multi-channel media encoding and streaming video system distributes content directly to viewers on any device both within your environment and externally through all common delivery servi...

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