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BetaNews: Wowza makes live video streaming easier for enterprises

Ian Barker from BetaNews covers the newest products from Wowza Media Systems — Wowza Streaming Cloud and Wowza Streaming Engine Pro. He says the products "increase the power and ease of streaming online video and extending flexible options to organizations looking to stream live content."

AV Technology: Smarter Searching & Managing Metadata to Optimize ROI

In this AV Technology article, author Carolyn Heinz explores how to leverage video content libraries with different search strategies. She references the Wowza captioning capability as one way to make video more accessable to users. 

FierceOnline Video: Wowza adds live streaming to cloud services package

In this FierceOnlineVideo article, author Samantha Bookman reports on Wowza Media Systems new product announcements -- introducing Wowza Streaming Cloud and Wowza Streaming Engine Pro. Ms. Bookman says "Wowza Streaming Cloud and the pro version of its Streaming Engine software will give companies of all sizes an economical entry point to provide live streaming to their audiences."

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CNET: HBO Now stares down ‘Game of Thrones,’ its first trial by combat

In this CNET article, author Joan Solsman explores how recently-relaunched HBO Now will be able to handle the demand of Game of Thrones watchers. Ms. Solsman gets insights from several streaming media experts including Wowza CTO and Co-founder Charlie Good. 13 Tech Leaders Share Their Monday Morning Ritual

"I truly see Monday morning as a new beginning. A fresh start, not only to the week, but to whatever may lie ahead. As such, I clear my desk and start all over again…” says David Stubenvoll, CEO of Wowza Media Systems.  Read how he and other CEOs spend their Monday morning in preparation for the new week.

Streaming Media: Transcoding Trends for 2015

For Wowza, reliability includes predictable performance, round-the-clock operations, and redundancy for high-priority content. Scalability includes scaling up to take advantage of more powerful hardware, scaling out across geographies and both on-premises and cloud compute instances, and a licensing model that scales with usage.

The Broadcast Bridge: On-Premises, In-Cloud or Hybrid – Where To Locate Transcoding

One of the prevailing technology narratives across the industry is the wholesale transition of processes from dedicated machinery housed on site and managed internally to remotely located servers which offer greater scalability and efficiency. Yet the answer is rarely as simple as transitioning an entire process to the cloud, and nowhere is more apparent than in transcoding/ repurposing.

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