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Wowza Responds to Legal Action by Adobe Systems

EVERGREEN, CO — May 10, 2011— Wowza Media Systems®, Inc. today addressed a lawsuit filed last week against Wowza by Adobe® Systems, Inc. The Adobe lawsuit alleges certain patent infringement and unfair competition complaint...

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Streaming Media: Wowza Media Server 3: Any-Screen Delivery Done Right

Wowza Media is on a roll: Not only has the company been profitable from day one, with no outside funding, but it's also passed the 70,000 license mark. Today, the company hopes to extend its lead by introducing a full-version release, Wowza Media Server 3.

Streaming Media: Hot Companies To Watch: Wowza Media

Wowza Media: For nearly six years now, Wowza Media has been in the market offering streaming server software that does just about everything. Customers I speak to love that Wowza's server has streaming support for all of Apple's iDevices, Microsoft Silverlight and Apple QuickTime formats, Android and BlackBerry support as well as working with IPTV and set-top boxes.

Wowza Media Systems a ‘Key Factor’ in Launching the Dragon

Wowza Media Systems has announced its product was determined to be 'a key factor' in the recent launch and subsequent recovery of SpaceX's Dragon. Specifically, the Wowza Media Server 2 software was 'a key component' in supporting the first-ever commercial company to launch and recover a spacecraft from orbit successfully.


By David Sims


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Wowza Media Server Wows ‘em

Wowza Media Systems has been making headlines for its media server products more than usual lately. More recently, it has been demonstrating Google's WebM live streaming with the Wowza Media Server on its company’s website. WebM is an open, royalty-free media file format designed for the Web.


By Stefanie Mosca

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