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Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming: The Current State

At we specialise in interactive livestreaming. Ultra Low Latency Streaming is very exciting for us: the engagement of the audience increases as they have the feeling they are heard or can make an immediate difference. No more awkward video delays or spoiler alerts via social, but almost instant feedback and interaction with the presenter and the show.

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LiveX Relies on Wowza to Deliver Live Online Content

In order to stay competitive, today’s video production companies have to do more than just produce video. They also have to deliver it to clients in the most efficient and comprehensive way so that it is viewed by the largest audience possible. LiveX has found internet distribution key to this goal.

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SVFE 2018: Towards the future of fan engagement

A key panel session at the Sports Venue and Fan Engagement Summit in Amsterdam on 8 February was entitled ‘Even Closer to the Action: the Future of Fan Engagement’ and was chaired by Roland Hemming, founder of RH Consulting. The session commenced with panellists commenting on the current landscape for venue connectivity.

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460: How Wowza Is Bringing Professional-Quality Broadcasts to Facebook Live

Wowza Media Systems was founded in 2005 by David Stubenvoll and Charlie Good. The company began its journey as a bootstrapped start-up, focused on one goal—to simplify media streaming and make it better. But, I wanted to found out more about how their new product is using technology to allow anyone to create professional-quality broadcasts on Facebook Live.

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Wowza Media Systems Creates ‘Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live Streaming’

From broadcast news organizations to sports teams; from churches to nonprofits; from celebrities to the enterprise — everyone is streaming video online. And social media platforms are a top destination for this type of content, since they provide brands and personalities with direct access to customers and fans they can interact with in real time.

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