Wowza Streaming Engine Pricing

Live streaming server pricing and plans.

One Month of Streaming
one-time purchase
first instance included
Best For:
On-premises hosted streaming for 30 days

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  • Fully customizable streaming server software
  • Additional Instances $295
Basic Monthly
per month
first instance included
Best For:
On-premises hosted streaming for steady events and audiences
Monthly Icon
  • Fully customizable streaming server software
  • Additional Instances $195
Basic Annual
per year
first instance included
Best For:
Growing businesses using video year-round

Annual Icon
  • Fully customizable streaming server software
  • Additional Instances
    $195 per month
Plans built for your needs
Best For:
Large-scale, self-hosted streaming with unique requirements
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  • Discounted rates and flexible terms
  • Built for scale
  • Offline keys available
  • Wowza CDN and Premium Support options
  • Professional services for highly customized deployments

Compare included features and usage in all Wowza Streaming Engine pricing plans

Other Wowza Services and Support

Wowza CDN

Scale Wowza Streaming Engine with delivery over Wowza CDN


  • Stream directly to a Wowza CDN endpoint
  • Single- or multi-bitrate live streams (HLS)
  • Transcoding and delivery to viewers over Wowza CDN
  • Cost-effectively scale with reduced latency and greater reliability

Premium Support

Wowza streaming experts partner with you for success


  • Plans tailored to your unique streaming needs
  • Live chat support
  • Web conferencing and screen sharing
  • Response times as low as 30 minutes

Live Event Support

Ideal for live event professionals streaming to audiences large and small


  • Support for a wide range of live events, including streaming to global audiences
  • Dedicated streaming expert for pre-event setup and real-time support during your event
  • Recommendations and trusted advice on best practices

Compare Streaming Server Pricing Plans

One Month of Streaming Basic Enterprise
Monthly Annual
Subscription Fee The plan recurring fee charged monthly or annually. $295 per month $195 per month $2,100 per year Custom
Included Instances The number of instances included in the recurring fee. 1 Instance 1 Instance 1 Instance Custom
Additional Instances The price for additional instances above the included or prepaid usage. Additional instances are invoiced monthly, even for annual plans. $295 per month $195 per month $195 per month Custom
Prepaid Annual Instances Users on annual contracts can prepay for instances at a discounted rate to save money. $175 per month Custom
Containerized Deployment Pricing Flexible pricing models for containerized deployments.
Offline Deployment Pricing Unique pricing for offline keys.
Wowza Support
One Month of Streaming Basic Enterprise
Monthly Annual
Support Level Standard Standard Standard Premium
Response Time Time for support agent to start working case. 48 Hours 48 Hours 48 Hours 30 Minutes
Live Chat Engage with technical agent via chat. Available Every Day
Hot Fixes Special software fixes for your issues.
Dedicated Account Owner
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Benefits of Wowza Streaming Engine

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Industry Gold Standard

Wowza technology delivers the fastest and cleanest streams, with fine-grained control over format, video quality, and delivery options.

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Built to Go Live

Stream with confidence using
patented Wowza software designed specifically for live-streaming performance and scaling.

future-proof icon


Wowza software supports the latest industry protocol-12 col-mds, formats, and codecs, so you can trust your streaming to work today and tomorrow.

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Complete Package

Wowza offers a complete platform to power today’s streaming ecosystem—from encoding to delivery to APIs and native media-player options.

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Full Control

Customize and control your streaming infrastructure with powerful APIs and interface options  that put you at the helm.

real time streaming icon

Real-Time Streaming

Wowza is the preferred software to power applications where speed matters. When Flash, RTMP, and HLS fail, smart companies choose Wowza.

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Any Device

Power high-quality live and on-demand video and audio streaming to any device, anywhere, at any scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an instance?

An instance is a single copy of Wowza Streaming Engine server software running on a single physical or virtual computer.

How many connections can one instance handle?

The number of connections will vary based on your bitrate, network capacity, and server hardware. To learn more about deployment scenarios, view our streaming deployment examples or contact a Wowza technical support specialist.

How is my usage calculated for subscription plans?

For subscription plans, usage is based on the maximum number of concurrent instances in use at any given time during your bill cycle.

How can I add instances to my annual subscription? How will that be billed?

You can add server instances to your annual subscription at any time using your existing license key. In terms of billing, you have two options:

  • Prepaid annual instances: Make a one-time prorated payment to add instances to your subscription at the annual rate.
  • Additional instances: Pay as you go at the per-instance monthly price each month in which you exceed your prepaid allotment.

Can I upgrade or downgrade plans?

With Wowza Streaming Engine month-to-month plans, you can change at any time. Changes will take effect at the end of the current billing period. You may not change an annual plan mid-period; plan changes will only take effect at the end of the 12-month subscription period.

What does concurrent, transcoded channels mean?

When we say concurrent, transcoded channels, we mean transcoded streams. Wowza Streaming Engine does not have a limit on the number of source streams you can run.

Is there a limit on the number of concurrent, transcoded channels per instance?

Yes, you are limited to a maximum of 10 concurrent, transcoded channels (transcoded streams) per instance per month. If you exceed 10 concurrent, transcoded channels per instance, you will be charged at an incremental rate for every instance required to achieve a maximum of 10 concurrent, transcoded channels per instance. Overages are billed in full month increments only, based on the count of the highest high-water mark for concurrent, transcoded channels per instance each month. Please contact us for custom pricing for high-volume transcoding.

Where can I deploy Wowza Streaming Engine software?

You can download Wowza Streaming Engine on any server hardware or deploy instantly on a major cloud provider using a preconfigured virtual machine preloaded with Wowza Streaming Engine software. Please note: an Internet connection is required. To deploy in an offline environment, please contact us.

Is there special pricing for high-volume deployments?

Yes! Our streaming server cost is flexible specifically for high-volume deployments. Please contact us to learn more.

Also see our product FAQ and billing FAQ.