StreamLock™ AddOn Network Security


Protect RTMP streams using RTMPS and a free SSL certificate through the Wowza StreamLock™ AddOn.


Wowza StreamLock™ AddOn was created as an easier way to securely stream video using RTMPS. The streaming media industry recognizes that RTMPS is more secure than RTMPE for securing both live and on-demand video streaming, though RTMPS does require a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.


Wowza StreamLock AddOn provides near-instant provisioning of FREE 256-bit SSL certificates, greatly simplifying streaming using the RTMPS protocol. StreamLock-provisioned certificates provide the best security when used with RTMP, but are also used for secure HTTP streaming (HTTPS).


RTMPS using your own SSL certificate is available to all licensees. Wowza StreamLock AddOn is only available for subscription and Perpetual licensees running Wowza Media Server 3.0 and later. It's not available in the Trial and Developer editions of Wowza Streaming Engine™.


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StreamLock-provisioned SSL certificates are available for Wowza Perpetual and Subscription licensees, and can be obtained at

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*RTMPS may use more processing power than RTMPE