MPEG-DASH Support in Wowza Streaming Engine

HTTP Adaptive Bit-rate Streaming (HAS) enables the delivery of audio and video content over HTTP using real-time intelligence to optimize the entire playback experience. It works with standard web servers, scales well, and provides uninterrupted playback at a high quality, making it a popular choice for streaming live events to large, widespread audiences.

For content providers, using adaptive streaming over HTTP to deliver content to any device, anywhere, has traditionally meant supporting — or choosing from — three formats from three vendors: Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Apple (HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. HDS, HLS, and Smooth Streaming each uses the HTTP protocol to deliver streaming video, and for each quality level, the video is segmented into smaller pieces, which can be played back selectively and continuously depending on the client’s available resources. Reaching a wide range of devices generally requires the use of more than one of each of these three formats. This in turn requires content providers to encode all three formats and set up parallel streaming workflows for playback by the different proprietary clients applications.

Enter MPEG-DASH, an industry-standard format developed by the ISO MPEG working group for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH). MPEG-DASH offers all the benefits of HDS, HLS, and Smooth Streaming but with a single, streamlined encoding workflow. MPEG-DASH also offers additional benefits, such as Common Encryption and Multiple DRM support, live and time-shift playback and more.

Wowza Streaming Engine™ fully supports the MPEG-DASH standard intended to streamline the delivery of video to any device. Wowza actively works with other industry leaders to ensure our MPEG-DASH support meets evolving standards.

With support for MPEG-DASH in Wowza Streaming Engine, you can:

  • Efficiently reach a broader audience with HD content at lower bitrates
  • Deliver live and on-demand content in MPEG-DASH format
  • Play back on DASH-AVC/264-compatible players
  • Protect live and on-demand DASH streams using Common Encryption
  • Deliver content over both DASH and non-HTTP protocols when using Wowza in an origin-edge configuration
  • Deliver audio-only or video-only content
  • Deliver streaming content that uses the Dolby Digital Plus audio codec