Interface IMPEG2StreamListener

  • public interface IMPEG2StreamListener
    The listener interface for receiving impeg2Stream events. The class that is interested in processing a impeg2Stream event implements this interface, and the object created with that class is registered with a component using the component's addImpeg2StreamListener method. When the impeg2Stream event occurs, that object's appropriate method is invoked.
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      • patAvailable

        void patAvailable​(ProgramAssociationTable newPAT)
        PAT available.
        newPAT - the new pat
      • pmtAvailable

        void pmtAvailable​(ProgramMapTable newPMT)
        PMT available.
        newPMT - the new pmt
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        void sitAvailable​(SpliceInformationTable newSIT)
        SIT available.
        newSIT - the new sit
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        void adaptationFieldAvailable​(AdaptationField newAdapationField)
        Adaptation field available.
        newAdapationField - the new adapation field
      • logThrottleDoLog

        boolean logThrottleDoLog()
      • logFatal

        void logFatal​(String comment)
      • logError

        void logError​(String comment)
      • logError

        void logError​(String comment,
                      Exception e)
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        void logWarn​(String comment)
      • logInfo

        void logInfo​(String comment)
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        void logDebug​(String comment)