Get Your Head in the Cloud! A Tour of Wowza Streaming Cloud

Wowza® recently launched Wowza Streaming CloudTM. A professional-grade service for live streaming to audiences of any size on any device—directly from a camera or encoder.


In this video, Wowza training manager, Ryan Jespersen gives an in-depth overview of the new Wowza Streaming Cloud, the latest from Wowza® Media Systems.

Wowza Streaming Cloud accepts any H.264 encoded video, transcodes it in the cloud, and reliably delivers multiple, adaptive streams to any device, anywhere in the world. Every viewer receives a high-quality stream, whether they’re watching on a computer or mobile device and regardless of network conditions. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to set up a live stream with the preconfigured settings
  • How to access and use the advanced settings
  • Benefits of a cloud service for live streaming

Questions & Answers

Q: Password protection? secure webpage?
A: You can embed the video stream behind a password-proctected page or paywall, but the standard hosted page is not protected. This is on our product roadmap.


Q: I stop a stream but don't delete it - the charges stop. If I then create another stream for another project, am I charged another monthly fee?
A: Correct, if you stop a stream, you will not be charged for bandwidth or processing hours. Regardless of how many streams you have, you only pay one monthly fee.


Q: Is the Player compatible with JW Player?
A: Yes, the player is actually compatible with JW Player. Here is the article that shows how to use Wowza Streaming Cloud and JW Player together:


Q: Is the Cloud Service the same quality as the Streaming Engine Service?
A: Wowza Streaming Engine is software, and Wowza Streaming Cloud is a service built on the Wowza Streaming Engine server software. The quality is the same in that you can stream up to 1080p.


Q: I have Streaming Engine running through AWS EC2 but I find the Wowza part difficult to set up and creating the SMIL files a real pain. The Cloud service is so much easier - but is it more expensive?
A: Your question is a little difficult to answer because it really depends on volume and usage. In general, I would say that the cost is on par with Amazon, but again, it is not something I can say with certainty, as I don't know your specific set up.


Q: Hi, I'm using the cloud service, but I don’t have the option to record the stream although I just saw it in the webinar.
A: Yes, that's correct. The ability to record the stream will be available publicly within the next month.


Q: Your player auto configures for HTML5 and Flash by detecting the device?
A: Yes, it's compatible with Android, iOS and common browser platforms.


Q: I am currently using the engine and its REST API, does the cloud have a REST API as well that can be embedded into my own application?
A: Yes, there is a cloud REST API in preview. I will forward your questions to our product team and have them reach out directly.