Stream Talk: Peer-Accelerated Streaming with Wowza + Streamroot

The increasingly widespread use of peer-accelerated streaming video technology, such as Streamroot, reinforce the real-world benefits of fully distributed peer-to-peer video delivery. 


At its core peer-accelerated streaming technologies are designed to intelligently handle viewership peaks, thus reducing bandwidth costs and improving the viewer’s quality of experience (QoE). These technology advances help relieve network bottlenecks by decentralizing delivery, improving stream startup times and allowing us to deliver higher video quality, whether it be resolution, bitrate, or both.

In this video you will learn

  • How the Streamroot peer-accelerated streaming technology works
  • How to get started with your own hybrid peer-to-peer streaming solution
  • How to setup a live demo of Streamroot with Wowza Streaming Engine and JW Player

Questions & Answers

Q: The demo highlighted the benefits of P2P for live streaming, but does it work for vod as well?
A: Absolutely, you can use the Streamroot solution for video on demand streaming as well.

Q: Can Streamroot work with popular DRMs like Playready or Widevine?
A: Yes, there are many customers using DRM and encryption along with peer-accelerated streaming.

Q: Can Streamroot work in conjunction with using Akamai as a Stream Target?
A: Yes, you can use Akamai or another CDN as a stream target with Wowza and use Streamroot to deliver peer-accelerated streaming.