Slam Dunk! Stream Live Events Like a Pro: Wowza + Telestream


Learn how to easily stream any live event...flawlessly

In this webinar, industry leaders Telestream and Wowza Media Systems partner to share how YOU can be in the director’s chair.

  • Learn the secrets for adding powerful production value directly from your computer to your live broadcast events at a fraction of the cost.
  • We’ll use sports examples as a backdrop, but no matter what market you're in, you'll be able to leverage live video to extend your reach and your success.  

Product info & Tutorials

  • Get information on Wowza Streaming Engine here
  • Get information on Wirecast here.
  • TutorialHow to use Telestream Wirecast live encoder with Wowza Streaming Engine. Click here.
  • Video tutorial: How to set up live streaming using the Telestream Wirecast encoder. Click here