Affordable Broadcast-Quality Streaming: JVC + Wowza

High-quality live video streaming isn’t just for broadcasters anymore. Organizations from houses of worship to education, enterprises to start-ups can use professional-grade cameras and stream directly to their end-users with JVC and Wowza together.


Wowza Training Manager, Ryan Jespersen, and JVC Engineering General Manager, Edgar Shane, discuss the benefits of streaming directly from the JVC camera, through Wowza Streaming Engine, to end-users on any device, anywhere. 

The new JVC dual encoder technology enables live streaming while simultaneously recording HD to a memory card, eliminating the need for a separate encoding appliance. 

This webinar covers:

  • How to connect a JVC camera with Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Real-life customer use cases
  • Best practices you can quickly implement

Tutorials & Product Info

  • How to connect JVC ProHD camcorders to Wowza Streaming Engine  Tutorial
  • How-To Enable Wowza Transcoder AddOn and Live Adaptive Bitrate Video Tutorial
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