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Why Wowza should power your streaming solutions

Video Content as Global Internet Content is Rising Rapidly

Video content made up 64% of global Internet traffic in 2014, and that will rise to 80% by 2019.


Wowza powers or partners with 70% of providers on Gartner's Enterprise Video Content Magic Quadrant.



Nearly 40% of CDNs worldwide are Wowza customers.


Trusted Brands Trust Us

Kaltura Streams with Wowza
Periscope Streams with Wowza
Qumu Streams with Wowza
Granicus Streams with Wowza
GS Neotek Streams with Wowza
MLBAM Streams with Wowza Streams with Wowza
PlayOn Streams with Wowza
LiveStream Streams with Wowza
Telefonica Streams with Wowza
Mirror Image Streams with Wowza
Swisscom Streams with Wowza

Wowza Technology Powers Unlimited Streaming Use Cases Across Industries

Wowza Technology Powers Unlimited Streaming for Service and SaaS Providers

Service and SaaS Providers

Online video platforms  •  Content-management systems  •  Enterprise video platforms  •  Hosting and streaming service providers  •  CDNs

Wowza Technology Powers Unlimited Streaming for Products such as Drones & Medical Devices


Seat-back entertainment  •  Drones  •  Medical devices  •  Security  •  Defense  •  Hospitality products

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

“We have used Wowza technology to build our CDN service because it is the most reliable and scalable media server solution on the market. Wowza Streaming Engine consistently provides GS Neotek with ongoing enhancements that we pass on to our customers, and the confidence that our product is future-proof.”

Nogi Yoon, GSNeotek Inc., Co.

“Businesses need to be able to reach everyone in their audience with their message. By working with Wowza, Qumu Live Transform effectively amplifies the message, and makes sure it hits the targeted end users every time. We’re happy to partner with Wowza to give even more power to business communications all over the enterprise and all over the world.”

Vern Hanzlik, president, Qumu

For CDNs, hosting and streaming providers, ISPs, and other managed service providers, Wowza™ offers licensing options to fit your budget and make the most efficient use of your infrastructure.