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  1. Helping Video Professionals Reach New Audiences for their Customers

    We were introduced to the folks at Wowza during IBC 2014, where the big news centered on JVC joining their partner program.  But that was just part of the story they had to share with attendees, and we wanted to learn more about the company that helps organizations harness the power of streaming by reducing the complexities of audio and video delivery to any device, anywhere.

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  2. Top 10 Streaming Video Trends You Can Expect in 2015

    Serial entrepreneur and mobile consultant Hannah Bree Hanson and I were in attendance at the Streaming Media West Conference last week in Huntington Beach, CA. The event featured a veritable who's-who of industry leaders including Verizon, Limelight Networks, Wowza, Skype, and NFL Now, Tivi, and Ramp.

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