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  1. On-Premises, In-Cloud or Hybrid – Where To Locate Transcoding

    One of the prevailing technology narratives across the industry is the wholesale transition of processes from dedicated machinery housed on site and managed internally to remotely located servers which offer greater scalability and efficiency. Yet the answer is rarely as simple as transitioning an entire process to the cloud, and nowhere is more apparent than in transcoding/ repurposing.

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  2. Helping Video Professionals Reach New Audiences for their Customers

    We were introduced to the folks at Wowza during IBC 2014, where the big news centered on JVC joining their partner program.  But that was just part of the story they had to share with attendees, and we wanted to learn more about the company that helps organizations harness the power of streaming by reducing the complexities of audio and video delivery to any device, anywhere.

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