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  1. 13 Tech Leaders Share Their Monday Morning Ritual

    I truly see Monday morning as a new beginning. A fresh start, not only to the week, but to whatever may lie ahead. As such, I clear my desk and start all over again. The first thing I do is blast through the FYI email. Read full article here.

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  2. Maybe You Should Send Your Co-Founder a Valentine This Year

    Finding the right business partner is akin to finding "the one." Navigating the relationship takes work, demands the right chemistry and is made possible with a brush of luck.  All too often great business ideas fall flat because co-f...

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  3. On-Premises, In-Cloud or Hybrid – Where To Locate Transcoding

    One of the prevailing technology narratives across the industry is the wholesale transition of processes from dedicated machinery housed on site and managed internally to remotely located servers which offer greater scalability and efficiency. Yet the answer is rarely as simple as transitioning an entire process to the cloud, and nowhere is more apparent than in transcoding/ repurposing.

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