We're fortunate to have a loyal developer community, and we support its success with free tools and access to our vast knowledge base.

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Wowza provides developers with a proven, feature-rich streaming platform to create and validate applications for any screen, as well as quick and efficient commercial deployment.

Free Developer License

For long term developer use we offer the free Wowza Streaming Engine™ Developer License for access to the server and selected premium AddOns.

Developer Support

Reach out to the Wowza support team and community of your peers for helpful advice, showcase your applications, and share or find useful code.

Free Knowledge Base

Join the Wowza forums and become a part of our developer community with access to tutorials, free AddOns and a knowledge base rich with information.

Affordable Production-Scale Testing

For cost-effective, unlimited production-scale testing with all AddOns, use the Monthly Edition license.

Free Developer Tools

Wowza Streaming Engine includes a rich set of APIs to extend or add functionality using the Eclipse framework. The Wowza Eclipse software update adds Wizards for Modules, HTTP Providers and ServerListeners, as well as custom features to enhance and simplify development of Wowza Streaming Engine extensions. See the Wowza Streaming Engine Server-Side API document for detailed information about the available APIs. The Server-Side Modules and Code Samples article section contains many examples and code snippets.