Wowza Streaming Engine™ is rich with features and functionality that enable you to simultaneously stream several formats of live video to a broad range of screens, efficiently and reliably. For applications like webcasts, news bulletins, conferences, training, sports, concerts, and any other real-time content, Wowza® makes it easy to create a single solution for mobile, computer, tablets, and IPTV/OTT end points.


When it comes to live video, dependable, uninterrupted streaming is essential for an unprecedented user experience. Our unified media streaming capabilities deliver outstanding quality, ease of use, and cost effectiveness that you can depend upon. Download the free trial version.

  1. Deliver Live H.264 Everywhere

    Deliver live video and audio streams to any player, any device, over any protocol supported by Wowza software simultaneously, from a single set of source live streams. With the optional Wowza Transcoder AddOn you can even transform non-H.264 live content to adaptive bitrate streams for any screen.

  2. Use Any H.264 Encoder

    Wowza Streaming Engine works with the broadest range of encoders – from free software RTMP encoders to broadcast-grade MPEG-TS hardware – so you can choose the best encoding solution for your needs or repurpose the encoders you already have.

  3. Stream Live Adaptive Bitrate

    Wowza software makes hard to implement adaptive streaming simple and cost effective. The optional Wowza Transcoder AddOn runs on the same hardware with the server to transform live streams from H.264 and non-H.264 sources to perfectly aligned adaptive bitrate streams that deliver the best possible viewing experience to your customers in Flash, HLS, or Silverlight.

  4. Create Premium Viewing Experiences

    With Wowza Streaming Engine's optional nDVR AddOn you can deliver a time-shifted viewing experience that enables viewers to pause, rewind, or resume live streams on whichever device they choose. Additionally, using an extensive set of APIs you can extend the Wowza nDVR AddOn to create premium catch-up TV services.

  5. Stream From IP Cameras

    Stream from H.264 IP cams directly to a Wowza Streaming Engine™ instance – no encoders needed – and the server will re-broadcast streams to viewers on any screen. Use the optional Wowza Transcoder AddOn to handle non-H.264 IP cameras to create single or adaptive bitrate H.264 streams consumable on any screen.

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