Interface IDvrPurgeController

  • public interface IDvrPurgeController
    Interface for controlling DVR chunk purging. The purge controller is instantiated using a factory class DvrPurgeControllerFactory.
    See Also:
    DvrPurgeControllerFactory, IDvrPrivateConstants.PROPERTY_PURGE_CONTROL_CLASS
    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init​(IDvrStreamStore store)
        Initialize the controller.
        store - the DVR stream store
      • isPurgingEnabled

        boolean isPurgingEnabled()
        Is Purging enabled for this controller.
        true if purging is active, false otherwise.
      • setCurrentDvrTime

        void setCurrentDvrTime​(long newDvrTime)
        Set the current DVR time and perform purge if necessary. This method checks the DVR time against its internal rules for purging and performs the purge. It is also responsible for setting the last purge time and the next purge time.
        newDvrTime -
      • getCurrentTime

        long getCurrentTime()
        Get current DVR time. The store is responsible for setting the DVR time via setCurrentDvrTime.
        current DVR time.
      • getLastPurgeTime

        long getLastPurgeTime()
        Get the DVR time when the last purge occurred.
        DVR time of last purge