Class HTTPProvider2Base

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IHTTPProvider, IHTTPProvider2

    public abstract class HTTPProvider2Base
    extends com.wowza.wms.http.HTTProvider2Base

    HTTPProvider2Base: public base class for implementing HTTP Providers.

    Simple HTTPProvider class

    package com.wowza.wms.plugin.test.http;
    public class HTTPHelloWowza extends HTTPProvider2Base
            public void onBind(IVHost vhost, HostPort hostPort)
                    super.onBind(vhost, hostPort);
                    // Called when the HTTP Provider is added to the VHost it is configured for.
            public void onUnbind(IVHost vhost, HostPort hostPort)
                    // Called when the VHost is shutting down for the hostPort configured
            public void onHTTPRequest(IVHost vhost, IHTTPRequest req, IHTTPResponse resp)
                    // If you omit this no authentication is checked regardless of the configuration
                    if (!doHTTPAuthentication(vhost, req, resp))
                    String retStr = "Hello WowzaHello Wowza";
                            OutputStream out = resp.getOutputStream();
                            byte[] outBytes = retStr.getBytes();
                    catch (Exception e)
                            WMSLoggerFactory.getLogger(HTTPHelloWowza.class).error("HTTPHelloWowza ", e);
    Can be added with the following HTTPProvider XML configuration
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        authenticateHandler, authenticateHTTPProviderHandler, authenticationMethod, corsHeaders, DATEFORMAT, DATEFORMAT_LOCALE, DATEFORMAT_LOCALE_COUNTRY, DATEFORMAT_LOCALE_lANGUAGE, DATEFORMAT_ZONE, DATEHEADER_ENABLE, dateHeaderFormat, dateHeaderLocale, dateHeaderLocaleString, dateHeaderZone, enableDate, fastDateFormat, filters, passwordEncodingScheme, properties, PROPERTY_DATE_HEADER_ENABLE, PROPERTY_DATE_HEADER_FORMAT, PROPERTY_DATE_HEADER_LOCALE, PROPERTY_DATE_HEADER_ZONE, requestFilters, webSocketSessions
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        addCORSHeaders, addCORSHeaders, addDateHeader, addWebSocketSession, broadcastWebSocketMessage, canHandle, doHTTPAuthentication, getAuthenticationMethod, getHostPort, getPath, getRequestFilters, getWebSocketSessionCount, getWebSocketSessions, init, onBind, onUnbind, removeWebSocketSession, setAuthenticationMethod, setPasswordEncodingScheme, setProperties, setRequestFilters, validatePath
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      • HTTPProvider2Base

        public HTTPProvider2Base()