Class InbandEventStreams

  • public class InbandEventStreams
    extends Object
    • Field Detail

      • inAudio

        public boolean inAudio
        If true, put the InbandEventStream signaling in the audio adaptation set, otherwise in the video adaptation set
    • Constructor Detail

      • InbandEventStreams

        public InbandEventStreams()
    • Method Detail

      • getEmsgFrames

        public getEmsgFrames()
        Retrieve the collection of emsg frames
        collection of emsg frames
      • registerEventStream

        public void registerEventStream​(InbandEventStream inbandEventStream)
        Register an InbandEventStream. This allows it to be signaled in the adaptation set.
        inbandEventStream -
      • unregisterEventStream

        public InbandEventStream unregisterEventStream​(String Id)
        Unregister an InbandEventStream. This prevents it from being signaled in the adaptation set.
        inbandEventStream -
      • getRegisteredEventStreams

        public java.util.Collection<InbandEventStream> getRegisteredEventStreams()
        Retrieve the collection of registered InbandEventStreams
        collection of registered InbandEventStreams
      • getRegisteredEventStream

        public InbandEventStream getRegisteredEventStream​(String id)
        Retrieve the InbandEventStream of the given scheme-uri-id
        id - the given scheme-uri-id
        the InbandEventStream of the given scheme-uri-id, or null if it does not exist