Class StreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate

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    IStreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate, com.wowza.wms.livestreamrecord.model.ILiveStreamRecordFileVersionDelegate

    public class StreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate
    extends com.wowza.wms.livestreamrecord.model.LiveStreamRecordFileVersionDelegate
    implements IStreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate
    Default FileVersionDelegate class

    This delegate allows the configuration of a custom FileVersionName using a template string. The tags in the template string are replaced with their associated values, to generate a filename.
    Valid template tags are;
    ${SourceStreamName} - The name of the stream
    ${BaseFileName} - The basefile name, which is the filename prior to any versioning changes
    ${SegmentNumber} - An incrementing value representing the current number of segments which have been created for this recording, starting at 0
    ${RecordingStartTime} - The time at which the recording was started formatted as
    ${SegmentTime} - Time time at which the segment was created

    The default template string is

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      String getFilename​(IStreamRecorder recContext)
      Creates a new filename using the default template string,
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      • StreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate

        public StreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate()
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        public String getFilename​(IStreamRecorder recContext)
        Creates a new filename using the default template string,
        Specified by:
        getFilename in interface IStreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate
        recContext - The IStreamRecorder requesting the file name
        String The versioned file name