Class PlaylistReader

  • public class PlaylistReader
    extends ManifestReader
    Provides implementations that are common to all Playlist readers
    • Constructor Detail

      • PlaylistReader

        public PlaylistReader()
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init()
        Initialize any internals before use
      • setContextStr

        public void setContextStr​(String context)
        Specific to Playlist reader to set the context in which the playlist is reading. Intent would be this would be the Source stream name to associate the log entries with
        context - of the reader
      • parsePlaylist

        public PlaylistModel parsePlaylist​( in)
      • parsePlaylist

        public PlaylistModel parsePlaylist​( reader)
      • addTagReader

        public void addTagReader​(ITagReader reader)
      • setDebugTagReaders

        public boolean setDebugTagReaders​(boolean enabled)
      • getDebugTagReaders

        public boolean getDebugTagReaders()