Interface ICupertinoMediaCasterManageStreamName

  • public interface ICupertinoMediaCasterManageStreamName
    Interface to control the naming scheme used for Apple HLS ingest This can be replaced by a custom implementation from the default using the property in MediaCaster -> Properties Name: cupertinoManageStreamNameClass Value: Full Class Path Type: String
    • Method Detail

      • init

        void init​(IApplicationInstance appins,
                  IMediaCaster mediacaster,
                  com.wowza.wms.mediacaster.cupertino.CupertinoMediaCasterContext context)
        Called when the called is initiated
        appins - - Application instance
        mediacaster - - The mediacaster making the call
        context - - MediaCaster context object containing configuration settings
      • getStreamName

        String getStreamName​(String inputName,
                             int streamsSize,
                             int count,
                             ICupertinoMediaCasterHolder inboundStreamInformation)
        Called when a new stream is being created by the Apple HLS ingestion code
        inputName - - The basename of the stream being created. This should be the name of the .stream name
        streamsSize - - The number of streams found when the base manifest was parsed
        count - - The number of this stream in relation to the main count
        inboundStreamInformation - - The context information when the manifest was parsed
        String - The stream name to be used for this stream creation The default for this code is if ( streamsSize == 1 || count == 0) return inputName; else return inputName+"_"+String.valueOf(count); If the size