Class PushPublishHTTPBase

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        protected static final int MIN_PLAYLIST_COUNT
        The minimum allowable playlist size.
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      • playlistCountFromPacketizer

        protected int playlistCountFromPacketizer
        The playlist size used by the associated live stream packetizer. How many segments to put in playlist
      • playlistCountFromMap

        protected int playlistCountFromMap
        The playlist size from the map entry.
      • maxSegmentCountFromPacketizer

        protected int maxSegmentCountFromPacketizer
        The max segment count used by the associated live stream packetizer. How many segments to hold for requests
      • maxSegmentCountFromMap

        protected int maxSegmentCountFromMap
        The max segment count from PushPublishMap.txt. How many segments to hold for requests
      • playlistCrossName

        protected String playlistCrossName
        The instance-specific name for the playlist, allowing the playlist to be maintained across session restarts.
      • playlistName

        protected String playlistName
        The actual name of playlist file that is to be pushed to the destination (e.g. "playlist.m3u8").
      • relativePlaylists

        protected boolean relativePlaylists
        use only relative URL references in the playlist/manifest. If true baseUrl is ignored.
      • playlistBaseUrl

        protected String playlistBaseUrl
        base url to use in playlist/manifest
      • httpManifestDebug

        protected boolean httpManifestDebug
        Enables manifest playlist debug logging.
      • httpLogManifests

        protected boolean httpLogManifests
        Enables logging of the manifest itself.

        protected static final int INDETERMINATE_PLAYLIST_COUNT
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        Constant Field Values
      • playlistDurationFromMap

        protected long playlistDurationFromMap
        The playlist duration from the map entry. This value is in seconds. http.playlistDuration
      • playlistTimeout

        protected int playlistTimeout
        The timeout value used to delete orphaned playlists from the vhost.
      • playlistAcrossSessions

        protected boolean playlistAcrossSessions
        Indicates whether instance-specific playlists should be maintained across source stream interruptions and app restarts.

        public static final Integer CACHE_CONTROL_MEDIA_DEFAULT
        Cache Control header constants, used in push publish file cache control .e.g Cloud Storage ( S3, Azure, GCS )

        public static final Float CACHE_CONTROL_FACTOR

        public static final String CACHE_CONTROL_HEADER_KEY
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        public static final String CACHE_CONTROL_HEADER_NONE
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        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • PushPublishHTTPBase

        public PushPublishHTTPBase()
                            throws com.wowza.wms.server.LicensingException
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init​(IApplicationInstance appInstance,
                         String streamName,
                         IMediaStream stream,
                         java.util.Map<String,​String> profileData,
                         java.util.Map<String,​String> maps,
                         com.wowza.wms.pushpublish.manager.IPushPublisher pushPublisher,
                         boolean streamDebug)
        Inits the instance.
        Specified by:
        init in interface IPushPublish
        init in class PushPublishBase
        appInstance - the app instance
        streamName - the source stream name
        maps - the map entry params
        profileData - the profile params
        streamDebug - stream debug flag
      • setPlaylistCountFromMap

        public void setPlaylistCountFromMap​(int playlistCountFromMap)
        Set the playlist count value from the map file.
        playlistCountFromMap - the playlist count
      • setPlaylistCountFromPacketizer

        public void setPlaylistCountFromPacketizer​(int playlistCountFromPacketizer)
        Set the playlist count value from the live stream packetizer.
        playlistCountFromPacketizer - the playlist count
      • setMaxSegmentCountFromMap

        public void setMaxSegmentCountFromMap​(int maxSegmentCountFromMap)
      • setMaxSegmentCountFromPacketizer

        public void setMaxSegmentCountFromPacketizer​(int maxSegmentCount)
      • getPlaylistCount

        public int getPlaylistCount()
        Get the playlist count. The value from the map file is returned if defined, else the packetizer value is returned return the playlist count
      • getMaxSegmentCount

        public int getMaxSegmentCount()
      • getPlaylistTimeout

        public int getPlaylistTimeout()
        Get the playlist timeout value. return the playlist timeout value
      • setPlaylistTimeout

        public void setPlaylistTimeout​(int playlistTimeout)
        Set the playlist timeout value.
        playlistTimeout - the playlist timeout
      • isPlaylistAcrossSessions

        public boolean isPlaylistAcrossSessions()
        Is the playlist maintained across recurring pushpublish sessions. return true if the playlist is maintained across recurring pushpublish sessions
      • setPlaylistAcrossSessions

        public void setPlaylistAcrossSessions​(boolean playlistAcrossSessions)
        Set whether the playlist is maintained across recurring pushpublish sessions.
        playlistAcrossSessions - is the playlist maintained across recurring pushpublish sessions
      • isRelativePlaylists

        public boolean isRelativePlaylists()
      • setRelativePlaylists

        public void setRelativePlaylists​(boolean relativePlaylists)
      • getPlaylistBaseUrl

        public String getPlaylistBaseUrl()
      • setPlaylistBaseUrl

        public void setPlaylistBaseUrl​(String playlistBaseUrl)
      • getAdaptiveGroupName

        public String getAdaptiveGroupName()
      • setAdaptiveGroupName

        public void setAdaptiveGroupName​(String adaptiveGroup)
      • isInAdaptiveGroup

        public boolean isInAdaptiveGroup()
        Is the entry in an adaptive group. return true if the entry is in an adaptive group
      • load

        public void load​(java.util.HashMap<String,​String> dataMap)
        Loads map and profile parameters
        load in class PushPublishBase
        dataMap - the data map
      • isLogDebugManifest

        public boolean isLogDebugManifest()
        Get the current setting of the HTTP Manifest debug logging This is controlled by the pushPublishHTTPPlayListDebug boolean property in the application.xml and by the http.manifestDebug setting in the pushpublish map file
        true if HTTP Mainfest debug logging is enabled
      • logDebugManifest

        public void logDebugManifest​(String methodName,
                                     String log)
        Log the provided log str if the HTTP Manifest logging is enabled
        methodName - name of the class method using the log
        log - string to log if enabled
      • setLiveStreamPacketizer

        protected void setLiveStreamPacketizer​(ILiveStreamPacketizer liveStreamPacketizer)