Class PushPublishShoutcast

    • Field Detail

      • shoutcastQosH

        protected int shoutcastQosH
      • shoutcastQosL

        protected int shoutcastQosL
      • shoutcastName

        protected String shoutcastName
      • shoutcastURL

        protected String shoutcastURL
      • shoutcastIRC

        protected String shoutcastIRC
      • shoutcastAIM

        protected String shoutcastAIM
      • shoutcastICQ

        protected String shoutcastICQ
      • shoutcastPublic

        protected String shoutcastPublic
      • shoutcastGenre

        protected String shoutcastGenre
      • shoutcastBitrate

        protected String shoutcastBitrate
      • shoutcastContentType

        protected String shoutcastContentType
      • shoutcastDescription

        protected String shoutcastDescription
      • shoutcastStreamTitleMetaName

        protected String shoutcastStreamTitleMetaName
      • shoutcastStreamExpandMeta

        protected boolean shoutcastStreamExpandMeta
      • mpegVersion

        protected int mpegVersion
      • mpegLayer

        protected int mpegLayer
      • mpegProtection

        protected int mpegProtection
      • bitrate

        protected int bitrate
      • channels

        protected int channels
      • frequency

        protected int frequency
      • frameLength

        protected int frameLength
      • aacType

        protected int aacType
      • shoutcastRunner

        protected com.wowza.wms.pushpublish.protocol.shoutcast.PushPublishShoutcastRunner shoutcastRunner
      • connectLastAttempt

        protected long connectLastAttempt
      • connectLastSuccess

        protected long connectLastSuccess
      • connectionResetCount

        protected long connectionResetCount
      • connectionTimeout

        protected int connectionTimeout
      • connected

        protected boolean connected
      • doSendOnMetaData

        protected boolean doSendOnMetaData
      • waitOnMetadataAudio

        protected boolean waitOnMetadataAudio
      • waitOnMetadataAudioDatarate

        protected boolean waitOnMetadataAudioDatarate
      • lock

        protected Object lock
      • isReconnectorRunning

        protected boolean isReconnectorRunning
      • tryConnect

        protected boolean tryConnect
    • Constructor Detail

      • PushPublishShoutcast

        public PushPublishShoutcast()
                             throws com.wowza.wms.server.LicensingException
    • Method Detail

      • connect

        public void connect()
      • disconnect

        public void disconnect()
      • disconnect

        public void disconnect​(boolean hard)
      • resetConnection

        public void resetConnection()
      • getConnectedState

        public int getConnectedState()
      • getMessagesAttemptedCount

        public long getMessagesAttemptedCount()
      • getMessagesRetriedCount

        public long getMessagesRetriedCount()
      • getMessagesFailedCount

        public long getMessagesFailedCount()
      • getReconnectDelay

        protected int getReconnectDelay​(long currTime)
      • resetWaitTime

        protected void resetWaitTime()
      • bumpReconnectWaitTime

        protected void bumpReconnectWaitTime()
        Bump the reconnect wait time
      • getConnectionTimeout

        public int getConnectionTimeout()
        Get the connection timeout (milliseconds)
        connection timeout (milliseconds)
      • setConnectionTimeout

        public void setConnectionTimeout​(int connectionTimeout)
        Set the connection timeout (milliseconds)
        connectionTimeout - connection timeout (milliseconds)
      • getLocalListeners

        protected java.util.List<IPushPublishShoutcastNotify> getLocalListeners()
        Get a list of IPushPublishShoutcastNotify listeners
        list of IPushPublishShoutcastNotify listeners
      • addListener

        public void addListener​(IPushPublishShoutcastNotify listener)
        Add IPushPublishShoutcastNotify listener
        listener - IPushPublishShoutcastNotify listener
      • aacChannel

        public String aacChannel​(int channel)
      • aacSamplerate

        public int aacSamplerate​(int freq)
      • aacsampleraterev

        public int aacsampleraterev​(int freq)
      • mp3bitrate

        public int mp3bitrate​(int version,
                              int layer,
                              int bitrateidx)
      • mp3samplerate

        public int mp3samplerate​(int version,
                                 int samplerateidx)
      • mp3channel

        public String mp3channel​(int channel)
      • aacType

        public String aacType​(int type)
      • createAACHeader

        public byte[] createAACHeader​(int aacProfile,
                                      int frequency,
                                      int channel,
                                      int length)
      • setShoutcastStreamDescription

        public void setShoutcastStreamDescription​(String desc)
      • setShoutcastStreamName

        public void setShoutcastStreamName​(String name)
      • setShoutcastStreamURL

        public void setShoutcastStreamURL​(String url)
      • setShoutcastStreamIRC

        public void setShoutcastStreamIRC​(String irc)
      • setShoutcastStreamAIM

        public void setShoutcastStreamAIM​(String aim)
      • setShoutcastStreamICQ

        public void setShoutcastStreamICQ​(String icq)
      • setShoutcastStreamPublic

        public void setShoutcastStreamPublic​(String publicf)
      • setShoutcastStreamGenre

        public void setShoutcastStreamGenre​(String genre)
      • setShoutcastStreamBitrate

        public void setShoutcastStreamBitrate​(String bitrate)
      • setShoutcastStreamContentType

        public void setShoutcastStreamContentType​(String contenttype)
      • setShoutcastStreamTitleMetaName

        public void setShoutcastStreamTitleMetaName​(String metaName)
      • getShoutcastStreamTitleMetaName

        public String getShoutcastStreamTitleMetaName()
      • setShoutcastExpandMetaData

        public void setShoutcastExpandMetaData​(String flag)