Interface IVHostItemNotify

  • public interface IVHostItemNotify

    IVHostItemNotify: listener interface used by VHostList addVHostItemListener

    VHostList is the list vHost definitions in VHosts.xml not the vHosts themselves. With this listener interface you can monitor the vHost definition changes.

    • Method Detail

      • onVHostItemCreate

        void onVHostItemCreate​(VHostItem vhostItem)
        Triggered when vHostItem created
        vhostItem - vhostItem
      • onVHostItemUpdate

        void onVHostItemUpdate​(VHostItem vhostItem)
        Triggered when vHostItem updated
        vhostItem - vhostItem
      • onVHostItemDestroy

        void onVHostItemDestroy​(VHostItem vhostItem)
        Triggered when vHostItem destroyed
        vhostItem - vhostItem