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GoCoder SDK for Android API Reference

Initialization and Platform Info 
Package Description
SDK initialization, platform and device information classes.
Broadcasting and Stream Configuration 
Package Description
Primary classes to configure and broadcast a live media stream.
Classes for specifying the configuration properties of the broadcast stream and media capture devices
Camera and Mic Control 
Package Description
Classes for access and control of media capture devices such as the camera and mic
Status, Error Reporting, and Logging 
Package Description
Error reporting-related classes
Logging-related classes
Classes used by SDK components to provide detailed state, status, and error information
Events and Metadata 
Package Description
Classes supporting the bi-directional streaming event framework and metadata specification
Working with MP4 files 
Package Description
Classes for streaming and storing MP4 files
Video Rendering 
Package Description
Classes used to overlay text and images on the camera preview display and video stream
OpenGL ES-related utility classes
Classes and interfaces used to access and extend the SDK's media sink classes
Encoders and Sinks 
Package Description
Classes and interfaces used to access and extend the SDK's encoding classes
H.264 encoder-related utility classes
Classes for accessing and extending the SDK's
Geometry and Graphics 
Package Description
Geometry-related utility classes
Graphics-related utility classes
Platform Utilities 
Package Description
Android-specific utility classes
Other Packages 
Package Description
OpenGL ES utility classes developed by Google as part of the Grafika suite of OpenGL ES examples Changes made were limited to replacing references to the Android Log class with WZLog.

Visit Grafika for the source repository

NOTE - these classes will be removed from a future release of the GoCoder SDK.
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