Why am I getting an error that my license key is invalid?
The most common reason the license key does not validate is that the app bundle id (iOS) or application id (Android) does not match the id that was supplied to Wowza when the key was generated.

Checking the app bundle id on iOS

On iOS, the bundle identifier is set in the General section of Xcode's target settings view. Be sure that the value in the Bundle Identifier field matches the id supplied to Wowza when the license key was generated.

XCode Target Settings

Checking the application id on Android

On Android, the application id is typically set in the app/build.gradle file under the defaultConfig section like so:

android {
    defaultConfig {
        applicationId 'com.mycompany.myapp'

Video and Audio

Does the SDK support switching between portrait / landscape orientation while streaming?
The frame size of the video stream always remains constant while streaming. In other words, a 1280x720 stream doesn’t become 720x1280 if you rotate the device while streaming. However, the SDK supports a configuration option that can be set to one of two different modes that effect the appearance of the video stream when the orientation of the device changes while streaming.
  1. By default, the orientation of the video stream maintains the orientation of the device and fills the full frame. Which means that if you turn the device upside down while streaming, the video stream mirrors the device and appears upside down.

  2. In the other mode, the video stream maintains the orientation of the device when streaming was initiated. Which means that if you start streaming in landscape and rotate the device to portrait while streaming, the video stream will rotate back to the original orientation appear upright. In the example given, the video stream will be cropped, or “letterboxed”, to fill as much of the frame as possible, while the device remains in a portrait orientation.

Platform Specific

iOS Questions

Can the SDK be used to develop both Objective-C and Swift-based apps?
Yes. The SDK is delivered as an iOS framework that can be used within both Objective-C and Swift based apps.