Class MPEG2PESPacket.PESHeader

  • Enclosing class:

    public class MPEG2PESPacket.PESHeader
    extends Object
    The Class PESHeader.
    • Field Detail


        public static final int PES_PICTURE_START
        The Constant PES_PICTURE_START.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_USER_DATA
        The Constant PES_USER_DATA.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_SEQUENCE_HEADER
        The Constant PES_SEQUENCE_HEADER.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_SEQUENCE_ERROR
        The Constant PES_SEQUENCE_ERROR.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_EXTENSION
        The Constant PES_EXTENSION.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_SEQUENCE_END
        The Constant PES_SEQUENCE_END.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_PROGRAM_MAP
        The Constant PES_PROGRAM_MAP.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_PRIVATE_STREAM_1
        The Constant PES_PRIVATE_STREAM_1.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_PADDING_STREAM
        The Constant PES_PADDING_STREAM.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_PRIVATE_STREAM_2
        The Constant PES_PRIVATE_STREAM_2.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_ECM_STREAM
        The Constant PES_ECM_STREAM.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_EMM_STREAM
        The Constant PES_EMM_STREAM.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_DSMCC_STREAM
        The Constant PES_DSMCC_STREAM.
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        Constant Field Values
      • PES_H222_TYPE_A

        public static final int PES_H222_TYPE_A
        The Constant PES_H222_TYPE_A.
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        Constant Field Values
      • PES_H222_TYPE_B

        public static final int PES_H222_TYPE_B
        The Constant PES_H222_TYPE_B.
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        Constant Field Values
      • PES_H222_TYPE_C

        public static final int PES_H222_TYPE_C
        The Constant PES_H222_TYPE_C.
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        Constant Field Values
      • PES_H222_TYPE_D

        public static final int PES_H222_TYPE_D
        The Constant PES_H222_TYPE_D.
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        Constant Field Values
      • PES_H222_TYPE_E

        public static final int PES_H222_TYPE_E
        The Constant PES_H222_TYPE_E.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int PES_PROGRAM_STREAM_DIRECTORY
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        Constant Field Values
      • startCodePrefix

        public int startCodePrefix
        The pes start code.
      • streamId

        public int streamId
        The pes stream id.
      • length

        public int length
        The pes packet len.
      • scramblingControl

        public int scramblingControl
        The pes scrambling control.
      • priority

        public boolean priority
        The pes priority.
      • dataAlignment

        public boolean dataAlignment
        The pes data alignment.
      • copyright

        public boolean copyright
        The pes copyright.
      • originalOrCopy

        public boolean originalOrCopy
        The pes original or copy.
      • PTSDTSFlags

        public int PTSDTSFlags
        The pes ptsdts flags.
      • ESCRFlag

        public boolean ESCRFlag
        The pes escr flag.
      • ESRateFlag

        public boolean ESRateFlag
        The pes es rate flag.
      • DSMTrickMode

        public boolean DSMTrickMode
        The pes dsm trick mode.
      • additionalCopyInfoFlag

        public boolean additionalCopyInfoFlag
        The pes additional copy info flag.
      • CRCFlag

        public boolean CRCFlag
        The pes pescrc flag.
      • extFlag

        public boolean extFlag
        The pes pes ext flag.
      • PTS

        public long PTS
        The pes pts.
      • DTS

        public long DTS
        The pes dts.
      • ESCRBase

        public int ESCRBase
        The pes escr base.
      • ESCRExt

        public int ESCRExt
        The pes escr ext.
      • escrBuf

        public byte[] escrBuf
        The escr buf.
      • ESRate

        public int ESRate
        The pes es rate.
      • previousPacketCRC

        public int previousPacketCRC
        The previous packet crc.
      • privateDataFlag

        public boolean privateDataFlag
        The pes private data flag.
      • packHeaderFieldFlag

        public boolean packHeaderFieldFlag
        The pes pack header field flag.
      • programPacketSeqCounterFlag

        public boolean programPacketSeqCounterFlag
        The pes program packet seq counter flag.
      • orginalStuffLen

        public int orginalStuffLen
      • PSTDBufferFlag

        public boolean PSTDBufferFlag
        The pes pstd buffer flag.
      • PES2ExtFlag

        public boolean PES2ExtFlag
        The pes pe s2 ext flag.
      • privateData

        public byte[] privateData
        The pes private data.
      • packetHeaderBytes

        public byte[] packetHeaderBytes
      • programPacketSequenceCounter

        public int programPacketSequenceCounter
        The pes program packet sequence counter.
      • PSTDBufferSize

        public int PSTDBufferSize
        The PSTD buffer size.
      • PESExt2Data

        public byte[] PESExt2Data
        The pes pes ext2 data.
      • packetDataBytes

        public byte[] packetDataBytes
        The pes packet data byte.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PESHeader

        public PESHeader()
      • PESHeader

        public PESHeader​(java.nio.ByteBuffer buffer)