Class MPEG2PESPacket

  • public class MPEG2PESPacket
    extends com.wowza.wms.rtp.depacketizer.RTPPacket
    • Nested Class Summary

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      class  MPEG2PESPacket.PESHeader
      The Class PESHeader.
    • Field Summary

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      int bufferPos  
      int continuityCounter  
      boolean continuityCouterError  
      static int INVALID  
      boolean packetStarted  
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        codec, debugLog, fixH264VideoNALLenStartcodeMix, fixH264WrappingProblems, fragments, frameType, getProperties, isAllISliceKey, isISliceKey, isRTPPacketDebug, nalUnitFilter, sendCodecConfigChanges, seq, size, timecode, timecodeMillis, timeoffset, type
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      void addFragment​(PacketFragment fragment)  
      void clear()  
      java.util.Map<Integer,​java.nio.ByteBuffer> findPESHeaders()  
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        addFragment, clearFragments, clone, decodeAud, decodeAudNALUnit, getBytes, getCodec, getFirstFragment, getFragments, getFrameType, getH264CodecConfigInfo, getH265CodecConfigInfo, getLastFragment, getSeq, getSize, getTimecode, getTimecodeMillis, getTimeoffset, getType, h264StartCodesToLengths, h265StartCodesToLengths, incSize, isDebugLog, isFixH264WrappingProblems, setCodec, setDebugLog, setFixH264WrappingProblems, setFrameType, setSeq, setSize, setTimecode, setTimecodeMillis, setTimeoffset, setType, toArray, write, write
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    • Field Detail

      • continuityCounter

        public int continuityCounter
      • continuityCouterError

        public boolean continuityCouterError
      • bufferPos

        public int bufferPos
      • packetStarted

        public boolean packetStarted
    • Constructor Detail

      • MPEG2PESPacket

        public MPEG2PESPacket()
      • MPEG2PESPacket

        public MPEG2PESPacket​(long seq,
                              long timecode)
    • Method Detail

      • clear

        public void clear()
      • addFragment

        public void addFragment​(PacketFragment fragment)
        addFragment in class com.wowza.wms.rtp.depacketizer.RTPPacket
      • findPESHeaders

        public java.util.Map<Integer,​java.nio.ByteBuffer> findPESHeaders()