Class VHostList

  • public class VHostList
    extends Object

    VHostList: list of VHost items. Result of parsing VHosts.xml at server startup or VHosts.xml reload. This interface can keep track of reloads and carefully mark items for deletion.

    • Constructor Detail

      • VHostList

        public VHostList()
        Create empty vHostList
    • Method Detail

      • loadConfig

        public void loadConfig()
      • reloadConfig

        public void reloadConfig()
        Reload VHosts.xml file.
      • getVHostMap

        public java.util.Map<String,​VHostItem> getVHostMap()
        Get the Map of vHostItem defintions.
        Map of vHostItem defintions
      • addVHostItemListener

        public void addVHostItemListener​(IVHostItemNotify vHostItemListener)
        Add vHostItem listener. vHostItem listeners will receive the following events: onVHostItemCreate, onVHostItemUpdate, onVHostItemDestroy.
        vHostItemListener - vHostItem listener
      • removeVHostItemListener

        public void removeVHostItemListener​(IVHostItemNotify vHostItemListener)
        Remove vHostItem listener.
        vHostItemListener - vHostItem listener
      • notifyVHostItemCreate

        public void notifyVHostItemCreate​(VHostItem vhostItem)
        Notify vHostItem listener of item create.
        vhostItem - vHostItem
      • notifyVHostItemUpdate

        public void notifyVHostItemUpdate​(VHostItem vhostItem)
        Notify vHostItem listener of item update.
        vhostItem - vHostItem
      • notifyVHostItemDestroy

        public void notifyVHostItemDestroy​(VHostItem vhostItem)
        Notify vHostItem listener of item destroy.
        vhostItem - vHostItem
      • getVHostNames

        public java.util.List<String> getVHostNames()
        Get a list of vHost names. Creates a copy of list.
        list of vHost names
      • getVHostItems

        public java.util.List<VHostItem> getVHostItems()
        Get a list of vHostItems. Create a shallow copy of list.
        list of vHostItems