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Wowza Media Systems enables organizations to harness the power of streaming by reducing the complexities of video and audio delivery to any device.

Fortune 100 companies, small to mid-sized businesses, leading Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), educational institutions, and government entities in more than 150 countries depend on leading-edge Wowza software to build, deploy, and manage streaming solutions for the delivery of high-quality and engaging live and on-demand experiences.





Wowza Media Systems was founded in 2005 by David Stubenvoll and Charlie Good. They recognized that online video was an emerging and growing medium, but also that streaming video and audio was so complex that most organizations could not take full advantage of its potential.

Originally, Dave and Charlie were going down a different product path — video blogging — however, they discovered there wasn’t any server software that they were comfortable building a business upon. Since they couldn’t find any media delivery solutions that met their needs—they decided to build their own.

Wowza started as a bootstrap start-up, focused on one goal— simplify media streaming and make it better. Our first product, Wowza Media Server Pro, was built as industrial strength yet extensible server software for live video delivery. It became an immediate success.

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The Wowza Way

It’s our obsession. From product development to customer support, we will not rest until we understand your needs, solve your challenges, and help you thrive.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy and sometimes it means taking a tougher path. But we believe it’s more important to act with humility and integrity, treat others with dignity and respect, and strive to make a difference, than to take the easy way out.

Challenging the status quo is part of our DNA. Undaunted by convention and driven by an insatiable curiosity, we routinely ask “what if?” and “why not?” and we're constantly pushing the envelope.

Relentless in our pursuit of innovation, we are committed to leading the streaming media industry into the next frontier.

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SpaceX Vivendi Panasonic Swisscom
Terra Daily Motion (customer) The University of New South Wales Radio 538
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