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Will VR Gaming be Replaced by AR Gaming?

Virtual Reality (VR) is basically a technology in which you can feel and interact with a virtual world created by a phone, computer or some other device. It makes you feel as if they have been transported from their real world to a virtual world. In fact, top of the line VR devices provides users with a very realistic sensation.

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HEVC, HLS, and Live Production: A Wowza Interview

How quickly will HEVC/HLS take hold in live production? For over 20,000 producers, not until Wowza makes it available. Learn how soon that will happen and what it might cost in this interview with Wowza VP of Engineering Barry Owen.

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Media Server Software: Be the Streaming Hero

Such technology offers the ability to record, transcode for adaptive bit rate, transcode for Facebook Live video requirements, and can even provide a time-shift DVR service for your satellite campus and more.

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Wowza expands global delivery capabilities

Streaming company Wowza Media Systems has released several updates to the technology portfolio, including the Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.7 software, and the Wowza Streaming Cloud service, the company said.

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