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NAB SHOW, LAS VEGAS, April 24, 2017 — Wowza™ Media Systems today opened the 2017 NAB Show Expo with a commitment to delivering the future of live streaming through resilient managed services, that deliver low latency streaming at sca...

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Latency Matters in Online Gaming

Since interactivity and real-time video are cornerstones of the user experience for game streaming platforms, low latency is especially important. To see how successfully this is being achieved, we tested the latency of six well-known game streaming services with publicly available platforms: Beam, DailyMotion, HitBox,, Twitch, YouTube Gaming. 

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Which gameplay streaming platforms are the fastest or slowest?

Gamers are turning to gameplay livestreams in the tens of millions. But which platform is the most responsive when it comes to delivering video to you? Wowza Media Systems has the answers. The company measured the latency of seven well-known game-streaming services with publicly available platforms. The winner? Beam. The loser? DailyMotion.

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