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The Premiere Streaming Solution for Media Publishers

Reach your audience with the most popular form of web traffic: video.

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Security and Surveillance

Enhance Storytelling

Create dynamic, compelling, and easily digestible stories that communicate your brand’s message and improve audience engagement.

First Response

Grow Revenue

Generate new revenue streams with ad insertion and encourage paying subscribers.

Any-Device Streaming

Boost Traffic

Boost your SEO with video to bring in more traffic and expand your audience.

Smart Cities

Take on New Frontiers

Take on video-heavy platforms and social networks like YouTube and Instagram with stand-out content.

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Maximize Your Impact

Repurpose live and video-on-demand content to make it to work in your favor again and again.

Create Video Applications on Your Own Terms

Eighty percent of Internet traffic is video, which means media publishers like you need versatile, builder-focused tech to grow your viewership and leverage video in all its various forms.

mobile journalism

Designed for Media Publishers

monetize your content: mobile journalism

Monetize Your Content

Take advantage of Wowza’s native HTML5 player’s client and server-side ad insertion capabilities to grow your ad revenue and optimize relevance. Choose whether to display ads from your partners or other third parties before, during, or after a video so you get the most bang for your buck without harming your viewer experience.

flowplayer user interface: mobile journalism

Customize Your Viewer Experience

Speaking of viewer experiences, Wowza’s unique customizability empowers you to create the experience you want your audience to enjoy. Build an entirely unique look and feel around Wowza’s player that viewers will associate with your brand. From chapters and frame-accurate seeking to recommended playlists and adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR), none of your viewers will equate your content with obnoxious buffering or lack of controls.

manage content: mobile journalism

Manage Your Content

As a publisher, you likely have countless outlets and maybe even multiple brands to manage content for. How do you keep track of it all to avoid redundancies and make sure it goes to the right places? With Wowza’s powerful Content Management System (CMS), you can easily keep track of all your content and ensure it reaches who it needs to.

manage content: mobile journalism

Dive Deep with Audience Insights

You already know your audience well, but what if you could know them better? Dive deep into your viewership’s behaviors, preferences, and demographics with Wowza’s robust analytics. The better you understand who watches your content, the better content you can produce.

Advanced Platform Capabilities

Advanced Analytics

Enhanced Security

Your data (and your audience’s data) is protected with our SOC 2 Type II compliant platform.

IP Camera Capabilities

Deliver Globally

Scale your audience and reach viewers around the world with our powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Full Compatibility

Deliver video to users with any device type, from smart phones and tablets to consoles and smart TVs.

rock solid reliability

Rock-Solid Reliability

Back up your streams with 99.9% uptime so you can ensure the best viewer experience possible.

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