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Surveillance, Security & Public Safety


Video Surveillance, Security & Monitoring

Real-time streaming solutions for local government and public safety.

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Security and Surveillance: Live Video Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Improve quality and get more timely visual data from your on-premises and closed-circuit security systems.

First Response: Live Video Surveillance

First Response

Rapidly respond to urgent situations with accurate, one-way or interactive real-time streaming.

Any-Device Streaming: Live Video Surveillance

Citizen Engagement

Grow your base, engage your constituents, and better serve your community with live streamed events and on-demand resources.

Smart Cities: Live Video Surveillance

Traffic Cameras & Smart Cities

Transform public infrastructure, utility maintenance, security, and more with connected cameras and smart cities.

Weather and Wildlife Monitoring: Live Video Surveillance

Weather and Wildlife Monitoring

Track weather and wildlife patterns for public safety, conservation efforts, and more.

The Mission-Critical Video Streaming Platform

Modern tools to help you engage, protect, and communicate – scalable, real-time streaming with sub-second delivery

security cameras: Live Video Surveillance

Designed for Surveillance, Monitoring & Security

Real Time Video Streams: Live Video Surveillance

Real Time Video Streams

Tackle your mission-critical initiatives by combining low-latency streaming with reliable, high-quality 24/7 continuity.

Live Monitoring: Live Video Surveillance

Many-to-Few or One-to-Many

Easily deploy Wowza’s platform in any environment — whether it’s inbound streaming from a traffic cameras or fleets of dashcams, a closed-circuit security system, a smart ecosystem, or a traditional live stream to a large audience.

Compliance and Security: Live Video Surveillance

Designed for Compliance & Security

As a SOC 2 Type 2 certified company, Wowza takes data security very seriously. Protect yourself from data breach, DDoS attacks, and more.

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Advanced Platform Capabilities

Advanced Analytics: Live Video Surveillance

Analytics & Insights

Leverage near-real-time visibility into video performance and viewership.

IP Camera Capabilities: Live Video Surveillance

IP Camera Capabilities

Set up one or more IP cameras with Wowza technology for more secure RTSP streaming

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Live Video Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Leverage AI/ML technology to build automation, object detection, and other smart capabilities.

Video Streaming Solutions Trusted By

Live Video Surveillance
Live Video Surveillance
Live Video Surveillance
Live Video Surveillance
Live Video Surveillance
Live Video Surveillance

“We looked at several solutions in the streaming media space, but went with Wowza because of the portability, manageability, and broad array of protocols. Most importantly, the focus on low latency is mission-critical for our customers. With Wowza, the price is right, stability is very good, and documentation is fantastic.”

Michael Helfrich,
CEO and Founder of Blueforce Development

“On the one hand, we’re giving citizens the ability to deliver as much information as possible from any device that can deliver data through IP. What’s more, we’ve designed our infrastructure to replace legacy on-premises systems with an end-to-end call handling solution that’s the first of its kind to receive voice and data in a unified platform with automation and artificial intelligence.”

Amir Elichai,
CEO of Carbyne

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