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MPEG-DASH and HLS Test Player

Wowza Test Player

This HLS test player, which also supports MPEG-DASH playback, is an easy way to test playback for streams created in Wowza Video and Wowza Streaming Engine. Just enter a stream or playback URL in the player below and click Start.

Some streams you could test in this player include:

Wowza Video

Assets: Enter the stream URL for the asset.
VOD: Enter the playback URL.
Live streams: Enter the HLS, MPEG-DASH, or CMAF HLS playback URL.

Wowza Streaming Engine

From your app’s Test Playback tab in the Wowza Streaming Manager UI
VOD:Enter your HLS or MPEG-DASH playback URL from Engine .
Live: Enter your HLS, MPEG-DASH, or CMAF HLS playback URL from Engine.
Note: Make sure you have StreamLock set up for your Engine instance otherwise HTTPS playback won’t work.

Flowplayer Event Log

Testing other protocols

How do I test:

  • RTMP — Adobe no longer supports Flash Player, making RTMP an uncommon format for video playback. Wowza can still ingest an RTMP source and repackage it for delivery with a more playback-friendly protocol. Learn more.
  • RTSP — Use our RTSP test URL to validate your RTSP connections.

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