Live and On-Demand Streaming for Faith-Based Organizations

Cost-Efficient, Low-Maintenance, and Controlled

The Best Streaming Solution for Your Mission

As a focal point of community, it’s critical for religious organizations to give each believer a way to engage with their faith when and where they need their faith affirmed. Dive into why religious organizations turn to Wowza to connect consistently and deeply with communities all over the globe.


Spread Your Message

Invite more people to experience your message regardless of age, distance, availability, or mobility.


Reduce Costs

As a steward of your community’s donations, you’ll get a better value when you consolidate your streaming tools and only pay for what you need.


Control the Experience

Don’t leave your believers’ experience to chance. Other platforms will put irrelevant or distracting content next to yours— Wowza lets you keep control.

Grow Your Revenue

Drive Donations

Online transactions are the easiest way for any believer to contribute to your mission. Pair donation opportunities with faith-affirming content for better collections.

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Streaming Solution for Engaging Communities

Live stream your religious services, create interactive community events with real-time technology, or cultivate a reservoir of spiritual materials for your audience to view when they need it most.


Designed for Faith-Based Organizations

Scalable and Backed by Expert Support

Not sure how many people will tune in for your next live streamed service? Unsure how to grow and expand your streaming abilities? Wowza’s platform is flexible and supported by responsive, expert support. You won’t need an engineering miracle to build and reach your audience as it grows.


Easy Live to On-Demand Services

People want to hear your message. Don’t miss an opportunity to reach them. Repurpose your live streamed content for watching on-demand. Or stream pre-recorded content "like live" to create a curated live experience. We make it easy to offer flexible viewing options.

Interactive and Engaging Services

Your community wants to be heard. Help strengthen their ties with you and each other through interactive streaming events. Make your streams as fun and empowering as they are educational with Real-Time Streaming at Scale.

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Simple to Manage with Advanced Capabilities


Audience Engagement Analytics

Find out how many community members are viewing your streams, where they are most engaged, and what content brings more resonance.


Configurable Player

Your players can be configured to reflect your faith and deliver content that is selectively faith-related.


Flexible Content Management

Repurpose live content so your members never miss a message. Give followers access to the content they need when they need it.


Robust Security Features

Protect your and your community’s privacy. Wowza gives you safety and consistency throughout your video platform.

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35,000+ Video Streaming Implementations Worldwide

The solution you start with, the partner you scale with.

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