High-Quality Video Solutions for Sports Broadcasters

Deliver reliable streams to your audience so they can watch any game like they’re there.

Sports Immersion Via the Wowza Experience

Your audience knows what solid sports streaming looks like, but they haven’t tried it the Wowza way. Enriched by unparalleled reliability, 4K-resolution, sub-millisecond latency, and exceptional interactivity, Wowza transforms at-home or on-the-go sports viewing into fully immersive fan experiences.


Live Action Sports

Never miss a moment with live games and matches streamed in real time.


Publicity & PR Events

Promote your team, event, or organization to interested fans no matter where they are or what device they use.


Fan Engagement

Boost engagement and foster fan communities with all kinds of virtual content.


eSports & Online Gaming

Optimize any gaming experience with interactive, high-resolution video — including 360-degree XR.


Sports Betting

Make the stakes higher with real-time virtual betting and gambling.

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The Premiere Video Platform for Sports Content

Create immersive sports viewing and gaming experiences with Wowza’s real-time and interactive streaming technology that fans won’t forget.


Designed for Sports Broadcasters

Never Miss a Moment

What’s one of the worst things about watching sports on TV versus in-person? Your friends at the game see the final touchdown seconds or even half a minute before you do. With Wowza’s powerful Real-Time Streaming at Scale solution, you can stream with WebRTC-powered sub-500 millisecond latency, ensuring your audience shares the same interactive viewing experience as those watching from the stadium. Real-Time Streaming at Scale is also ideal for live online games and sports betting.


Reach Anyone, Anywhere

You don’t have to hide it: we’ve all checked the big game’s score on our phones when we can’t be by the TV. Thankfully, Wowza helps you do better for your audience. It’s easy to stream to any device — phone, tablet, computer, smart TV, and more — so fans can stay updated even when out and about with instant replays, highlight clips, and full matches. You can even create a library of videos on demand for later viewing so fans can watch whenever they have time.

Scale Your Audience

Sporting events are in high demand when it comes to streaming, so it’s imperative to make sure your video solution can accommodate massive audiences. Wowza’s global CDN allows you to scale your viewership to the millions — no fan gets left out.

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Advanced Platform Capabilities


Best-in-Class Video Player

Customize the look and feel of our native HTML5 video player for a unique branded viewing experience.


Stream Securely

Wowza is SOC-2 Type II compliant, so you and your audience’s data is safe with us.


Robust Analytics

Glean deeper insights into who is tuning into your streams, where, when, and how.


Extensible & Customizable

Our powerful but lightweight APIs allow you to build the solution you want and integrate into your existing tech stack.

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35,000+ Video Streaming Implementations Worldwide

The solution you start with, the partner you scale with.

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