Wowza Pricing

Choose the VOD and live streaming pricing plan that's right for you.

One Month of Streaming

$149 one-time purchase

  • Best For: One-time live streaming events
  • 15 streaming hours
  • 500 viewing hours
  • Pay for storage as needed

Pay As You Go

$0 only pay for usage

  • Best For: Ongoing streaming needs and fluctuating usage
  • Use any or all platform features
  • Start building, scale as needed
  • All usage billed separately
  • $2.50 per streaming hour, $0.10 per viewer hour (see plan details below)


Plans built for your needs  

  • Best For: Large audiences or high-volume video
  • Annual plans available
  • Discounted rates on hours and storage
  • 24×7 and real-time streaming at scale available
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All Plans Include


VOD and Live Streaming

Rely on Wowza’s powerful live and Video-On-Demand (VOD) capabilities for your viewing needs. 



Easily store and manage assets with Wowza’s sophisticated video Content Management System (CMS). 



Harness the globe's reach with a Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) seamlessly integrated into your video solution. 



Deliver stunning video experiences to viewers on any device while benefiting from visibility across the workflow. 



Quickly adapt with real-time analytics spanning viewer data, stream health, and infrastructure performance, with in-depth insights into viewer behavior. 

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Compare Wowza Video Pricing Plans

One Month of
Pay As You Go Enterprise
Streaming HoursNumber of included streaming hours in plan15
$2.50 per additional hour
$2.50 per hour
Passthrough: $1 per hour
Viewing HoursNumber of included viewer hours in plan500
$0.10 per additional hour
$0.10 per hourCustom
Storage (GB)
Amount of storage in GB included in plan
$0.20 per additional GB per month$0.20 per additional GB per monthCustom
Additional Stream Targets
When streaming to multiple targets, e.g. URL and Facebook
$0.25 per hour$0.25 per hourCustom
Subscription Fee$149
One-time purchase
Per month, only pay for usage
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Other Wowza Video Services and Support

Real-Time Streaming at Scale

Interactive streaming with sub-500ms latency

  • Support for interactivity in apps
  • Sub-second latency for marketplaces, gaming and more
  • Rapid scaling as audiences grow
  • Global availability for maximum reach
  • Encoder agnostic for flexibility
  • Recording and storage capabilities

24x7 Streaming

Ideal for IP camera feeds or OTT live linear broadcasts

  • Support for a wide range of use cases, including UHD broadcasting
  • Routing and transmuxing for single bitrate streams
  • Single bitrate to multi-bitrate transcoding available
  • Affordable 24×7 streaming

Live Event Support

Interactive streaming with sub-500ms latency

  • Support for a wide range of live events, including streaming to global audiences
  • Dedicated streaming expert for pre-event setup and real-time support during your event
  • Recommendations and trusted advice on best practices
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is streaming hours and how is it calculated?

Streaming hours is the amount of time your stream is running, from the moment you start streaming live or simulated live until you stop. Streaming hours also includes the processing of uploaded MP4 files based on the duration of the video.

What is viewer hours and how is it calculated?

Viewer hours is the total time that all of your viewers are watching your streams. For example, 10 viewer hours would be consumed if 10 viewers watched all of your one-hour event, or if 20 viewers watched all of your 30-minute event.

Is 4k streaming available?

Wowza Video does support 4k streaming. Content streamed at 4k is billed at two times the rate for streaming hours and four times the rate for viewing hours.

What if I exceed my included usage?

All plans have affordable, pay-as-you-go overage options, so you can keep streaming with ease. Usage beyond your plan limit will be billed according to your VOD and live streaming pricing plan.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. You can choose from the Wowza Video One Month of Streaming plan for 30 days of streaming, the flexible Pay As You Go plan, or if you plan to stream over a longer period, you can save with an annual plan. Contact us for information on Wowza Video annual plans.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can change your Wowza Video One Month of Streaming Plan at any time. Changes will take effect at the end of the current billing period. You may not change an annual plan mid-period; plan changes will only take effect at the end of the 12-month subscription period.

Need Help Deciding?

Our streaming experts can help you select the best streaming pricing plan.