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Technical Comparison

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Wowza Streaming Cloud

Managed Live Streaming Service

Best For:

  • Wowza-managed infrastructures
  • Live event streaming to web or social
  • Live streaming apps

Available APIs and SDKs

  • Ruby SDK (transitioning to community managed)
  • Java SDK (transitioning to community managed)

Wowza Streaming Engine

Media Server Software

Best For:

  • Self-managed infrastructures
  • Streaming service providers
  • Customized streaming solutions

Available APIs and SDKs

  • Java API
  • PHP Wrapper (community managed)

Wowza ClearCaster

Live Encoding Solution

Best For:

  • Cloud-based, remote managed, customizable encoding workflows
  • Automated workflows to increase reliability

Available APIs and SDKs

  • GraphQL

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complete guide to live streaming graphic

The Complete Guide to Live Streaming

What live video streaming is, how it works, and why you need it.

wowza streaming cloud graphic

Getting Started With Wowza Streaming Cloud

Easily stream live video to any device, scaling automatically to accommodate audiences of any size, anywhere.

wowza streaming engine graphic

Getting Started With Wowza Streaming Engine

Learn how to download, install, play, and test a live or VOD streaming clip using our starting guide.

set up rtmp-based encoder graphic

Live Streaming Using an RTMP-Based Encoder

Configure Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software to receive an encoded live stream.

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