Wowza Streaming Engine Pricing

Pay-as-you-go monthly billing

Pay for the first Wowza Streaming Engine™ server instance* at the start of the billing cycle. Additional instances used will be added to your bill as necessary. An Internet connection is required for license verification.


per month
per instance

* An instance is a single copy of Wowza Streaming Engine running on one physical or virtual computer.



Wowza Streaming Engine Perpetual Edition

Perpetual Edition

Wowza Streaming Engine is also available in a Perpetual Edition for users with stable monthly demand.
Wowza Streaming Engine Deployment Options

Deployment Examples

See example deployments, based on number of inputs and viewers, showing instances needed.
Wowza Nonprofit and Education Discounts

Nonprofit and Educational Discount

Eligible educational institutions and nonprofit organizations receive a discount of 25%.

Wowza Streaming Engine Monthly Price per Instance

Wowza Streaming Engine Monthly Price Per Instance

Pricing is cumulative as you add instances. For example, if you run 7 instances, you pay the following:

$65/month x 4 (first 4 instances) = $260
$60/month x 3 (next 3 instances) = $180
TOTAL: $440/month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an instance?
An instance is a single copy of Wowza Streaming Engine server software running on a single physical or virtual computer. When you install Wowza Streaming Engine for the first time, you start one instance.


How many connections can one instance handle?
Wowza™ does not impose limits on CPU or bandwidth. Wowza Streaming Engine can handle as many connections and streams as your server and network can handle.


How do I run multiple instances?
You can install multiple instances on physical computers or virtual machines using a single monthly license key. A monthly license allows you to scale up and down as demand dictates.


How is my usage calculated?
You will be billed monthly for the maximum number of active running instances during the billing cycle. To prevent accruing monthly fees for instances not being used, make sure to turn off unneeded instances. An Internet connection is required for license verification and calculating monthly usage for billing.

How many Monthly Edition licenses will I need?
Usually just one. Unlike a Perpetual Edition license, you can run as many instances as you need with a Monthly Edition license—allowing you to scale up or down easily. When you purchase a Monthly Edition license, you initially pay for only one instance. If you need more server instances, you simply install the additional instances with the license key you received. Your monthly invoice increases or decreases based on the number of instances in use. If you believe you require multiple Monthly Edition licenses, please contact us.


How am I invoiced for a Monthly Edition license?
Monthly charges, based on your usage, are calculated by our billing system and appear on the invoice generated at the start of each billing cycle. Your invoice will show a $65 recurring fee that covers the first server instance for your next usage period. This is the recurring fee that is charged every month to keep your license active until you request cancellation, even if no servers are running. If you had additional server instances running during the previous usage period, our licensing system looks for the peak usage from any given day during the period. The day with the highest number of server instances is billed on the next invoice. There is no need to notify us when instances are started or stopped.


How do I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time by completing the cancellation form.

Premium Support Plans

Wowza offers three paid support plans to meet all your technical support needs.


  • Same business day response time (if submitted by 2pm ET)
  • $95/month, billed annually



  • 2-hour response time (business hours)
  • 3 hours Wowza Advisory Services and 1 event with Wowza Live Event support
  • $500/month, billed annually


  • 30-minute response time (coming soon)
  • 12 hours Wowza Advisory Services, 4 events with Wowza Live Event support
  • Contact us for pricing

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