Wowza Streaming Engine Deployment Options

Flexible and extensible, Wowza Streaming Engine™ server software fits with nearly any streaming architecture and allows you to seamlessly scale from simple to more robust deployments as your streaming needs—and audiences—evolve and grow.


The way you deploy Wowza Streaming Engine depends largely on your resources and the scale of your broadcasts. If you want to stream small live events to local audiences, you can easily run Wowza Streaming Engine as a single, onsite origin/edge server, ingesting video directly from an H.264 IP camera and broadcasting to supported players.


When you don’t want to manage the operation of the hardware or network, you can deploy Wowza Streaming Engine in the cloud by partnering with a platform software-as-a-service provider for high-quality delivery over a reliable, robust infrastructure.


Learn more about deployment and delivery options below, or see Wowza Streaming Engine deployment examples based on expected number of inputs and viewers.


Deployment Options



Run Wowza Streaming Engine on one or more computers at your physical location, on your hardware, across your Internet connection. Simply pay for each active instance and run multiple Wowza instances on multiple computers using a single subscription license key; you don’t need to purchase a separate license key for each machine. 

Wowza Streaming Engine runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Unix systems. On standard servers with dual quad-core processors and multiple NICs, you can typically achieve 5 to 8 Gbps of streaming performance if the server is properly tuned. A silent installation option is available for all platforms, including Red Hat Package Manager and Debian Package Manager options for Linux. (Please note that approval is required to activate this option. For more information, contact

Deploying Wowza Streaming Engine on premises is ideal for organizations that


  • Have a high level of in-house expertise
  • Need complete control of the streaming workflow
  • Have a predictable number of concurrent viewers
  • Have set redundancy requirements



Deploying Wowza™ software in the cloud means streaming your content from high-performance virtual machines hosted remotely by a third-party provider. Cloud hosting saves you from having to invest in hardware resources and technological infrastructure, allows you to quickly scale up or down as your streaming needs change, and allows you to rely on the providers' built-in redundancy.

With cloud hosting, you pay for only the resources you use, and there’s no up-front capital investment.

Wowza Streaming Engine works with virtually all cloud-hosting services, including these:



For EC2 and GCE cloud deployments, Wowza provides preconfigured images of Wowza Streaming Engine that are ready to run on the platforms’ virtualized resources.


Delivery Options


Deliver Content Directly from Wowza Streaming Engine

Once you deploy Wowza Streaming Engine, you can deliver content either through a CDN or directly from your server or data center.

If you deliver directly from Wowza Streaming Engine, you need to consider such variables as the geographic location of your viewers, available bandwidth, and server load requirements.

If the geographic location of your viewers is concentrated (locally or near your cloud provider of choice), streaming directly from Wowza Streaming Engine is a great option. If your viewers are globally dispersed, you may want to consider delivering through a content delivery network (CDN).

Wowza provides free AddOns to assist with some of the delivery considerations: Bandwidth Checker and Dynamic Load Balancing are options to consider.


Deliver Content through Wowza Streaming Engine Using a CDN

When you’re streaming to large, globally distributed audience, you can deliver your content via Wowza Streaming Engine with a CDN partner using that company's edge-networking infrastructure. CDN edge networks are optimized for real-time, globally distributed online applications that require very low latency and high availability—such as live and on-demand video streams. 


  • CDNs have servers and data centers around the world, and stream content from a location closest to the viewer.
  • CDNs scale according to load and handle traffic spikes automatically.
  • CDNs allow you to get up and running quickly.


Wowza Streaming Engine works with a number of CDN providers, including AkamaiAmazon CloudFront, and Mirror Image.

Have a specific streaming project and need help determining your Wowza Streaming Engine setup? Request a sales consultation.


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