Wowza Video free trial

Wowza Video is our reliable and scalable cloud-based video platform that includes APIs for live, VOD, CMS, CDN, analytics, and player. Learn about features and parameters of the Wowza Video free trial, how to sign up and access it, and how to access interactive tutorials to get started. 

About the trial

The free trial of Wowza Video provides a fully featured experience:

  • 30 consecutive days of access to Wowza Video, including Live Streams, Videos, CMS, Players, Advertising, and Analytics.
  • Access to Wowza Video through the user interface and the REST API.

Trial parameters

Keep the following in mind while evaluating Wowza Video during the trial period:

  • Live streams can stream for a maximum of 20 minutes each.
  • Start up to three live streams at a time.
  • 24x7 live streams, passthrough live streams, and Real-Time Streaming at Scale aren't available.
  • Live streams and videos display a Wowza Video trial watermark during playback.
  • If you upload a video, it encodes and stores the first 60 seconds.
  • Maximum storage capacity for videos is 25GB.
  • Wowza Flowplayer has a 10k play limit.
  • At the end of the trial period, Wowza Video stops all active streams and you won't be able to use Wowza Video functionality. You  can sign in and upgrade to a paid account though. 

Access the trial

It's simple for new or existing Wowza customers to try out Wowza Video.

New customers

If you don't already have a Wowza paid subscription or free trial, go to the Wowza trial page and follow the instructions to start your free Wowza Video trial subscription. It's as simple as providing an email address and no credit card is required. After validating your email address, you can start using your trial immediately.

Existing  users

If you have a Wowza user account, but don't have an active Wowza Video subscription (paid), you can go to the account page in Wowza Video and start a free trial. 

Log in any time

At any time, you can go to to access your trial.

Get started

Ready to dive in? We have two options for getting started.

Interactive tutorials

When you sign into the Wowza Video trial, a Get Started button displays. Click Get Started to choose from the following:

  • Create a live stream – See how quick it is to get a live stream to viewers by connecting a video source and streaming to a hosted page.
  • Share a video from your library – Learn about Wowza Video's content management system and how to share videos.
  • Get your API access token – Get your API access token in the user interface.
Tip: You can access these tutorials at any time and from any screen within the Wowza Video trial by accessing the onboarding checklist through the Get Started button.

Video and technical articles

Learn how to stream with Wowza Video using these resources:

More resources

If you need more information, these resources may help you get started: