Stream Sources page in Wowza Video legacy

This article introduces the different parts of the Stream Sources page to help you find your way around the Wowza Video user interface.

Wowza stream sources provide an entry point into Wowza Video that automatically detects the broadcast location of the source encoder or camera and uses the closest ingest point based on a DNS query. A transcoder connected to a Wowza stream source starts automatically when the video source starts and stops automatically when the video source disconnects.

The Stream Sources page allows you to view, sort, and search your stream sources. 

Do any of the following:

  1. Search – Find an older stream source by entering a complete or partial stream source name or ID. The search returns 15 results per page. By default, results are sorted from newest to oldest.
  2. Add Source – Create a new stream source. This takes you to the Stream Source Setup page.
  3. Recent – View one of the five most recently used or edited stream sources. This takes you to the Stream Sources Details page.
  4. Stream Source – View all stream sources or search results and sort stream sources by name, type, located by, or last updated. Each stream source name links to the Stream Source Details page. 

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