About digital rights management and Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza DRM technology in Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software provides integration with third-party digital rights management (DRM) key management systems to add on-the-fly encryption to live and video-on-demand workflows. For live workflows, per-stream encryption is available with the ability to rotate keys. For on-demand workflows, per-asset and per-session encryption is available with the ability to rotate keys. Both live and on-demand key rotation support is available for Apple HLS streaming.

Currently, Wowza Streaming Engine supports the following key management systems:

  • BuyDRM KeyOS – Protects Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming live and video-on-demand streams using Microsoft PlayReady encryption.
  • BuyDRM KeyOS MultiPack Wowza module – Protects Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH live and video-on-demand streams using Apple Fairplay, Microsoft PlayReady, and Google Widevine encryption.
  • EZDRM FairPlay Streaming – Supports Apple HLS playback.
  • EZDRM PlayReady – Supports Smooth Streaming playback with Silverlight clients.
  • EZDRM Universal – Supports MPEG-DASH playback.
  • Verimatrix VCAS – Supports Apple HLS playback with ViewRight clients on iOS-based devices, Android devices, PCs, and set-top boxes.

Perpetual and Subscription licenses for Wowza Streaming Engine provide for unlimited connections to a software instance and enable use of the Wowza DRM technology that's integrated with each licensed instance.

Note: If you purchased a license for Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Media Server software before January 1, 2015, contact sales@wowza.com to learn more about how to license Wowza DRM.

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