Account Usage page in Wowza Video Legacy

This article introduces the different parts of the Usage page to help you find your way around the Wowza Video user interface. The Usage page shows usage data for an entire account. To find usage data per stream, see the Usage Details page.

The usage data for most objects, like transcoders and stream targets are similar. Real-Time streams display different usage data, and you can find that on the Real-Time Streams tab.

Keep in mind the following important caveats about usage and viewer data:

  • Bandwidth data for Wowza CDN stream targets and VOD streams is available in near real-time. 
  • If you try to generate a bandwidth report and receive the message, "Not enough data is available for the time period you selected," it could be due to the three-hour delay. Try again in a few hours.
  • Usage searches that return more than 100 results are too large to be processed in the Wowza Video user interface. Instead, you'll be prompted to download the results in a .csv file.

Stream Processing tab

The Stream Processing tab displays a table with a row for every live stream and transcoder that was processed by Wowza Video during the selected time frame. Depending on the type of subscription you have, you can see transcoded and/or passthrough stream processing time tables. Each table shows the Billing Mode (a single event or 24x7 channel) and how long each stream or transcoder was processed (Time). The total processing time for all streams or transcoders in the time frame appears at the bottom of each table.

Bandwidth tab

The Bandwidth tab shows how much CDN usage and egress that live streams and transcoders have accrued in your account during the selected time frame.

The CDN tables show the amount of traffic generated (Amount Used) for each stream target, stream source, and VOD stream. Total CDN usage amounts for the specified time frame appear at the bottom of each table.

The Egress tables show how much traffic left Wowza Video for Wowza CDN and custom stream targets for every 24x7 and/or live event stream and transcoder in the account, depending on your subscription plan, during the selected time frame. For VOD streams, egress is the traffic generated by pulling the VOD asset from storage.

You can see how much egress was generated (Amount Used) for each stream and transcoder during the selected time frame. Total egress for the time frame appears at the bottom of each table.

Storage tab

The Storage tab shows the peak amount of recording and VOD stream storage your account has used in the selected time frame. If the time frame is in the past, Peak Storage shows the amount of storage that was used and billed. If the time frame includes the current billing period, Peak Storage shows the greatest amount of content stored in Wowza Video to date in the billing period. It isn't necessarily the amount you'll be charged, since peak storage isn't calculated until the billing period closes.

Real-Time Streams tab

The Real-Time Streams tab shows the bytes in and bytes out data of all the real-time streams in your account. The Bytes In data shows the usage for a video source that comes into Wowza Video. The Bytes Out data shows the usage for the stream that is pushed out for viewers. Wowza Video lets you export aggregated usage data, as CSV or JSONL, for all the streams in the account or for individual streams listed on this tab. Aggregated data includes Bytes In, Bytes Out, country code, and the name of the real-time stream information.