1. Get a Wowza Streaming Engine License

To use Wowza Streaming Engine™ software, you need a valid license. You can

2. Download the Wowza Streaming Engine Installer

The current version is Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.4, build 21380, released on February 6, 2018. Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.4 is the last installer that supports 32-bit operating systems and Java Runtime environments. Future versions will only support 64-bit environments.

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To install:

  1. Double-click the WowzaStreamingEngine-4.7.4-windows-installer.exe installer file and follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. To run Wowza™ Transcoder on Windows Server 2008 or 2012 the following components are required:
    .NET Framework 3.5.1
    Desktop Experience


To install:

  1. Open WowzaStreamingEngine-4.7.4-osx-installer.dmg.
  2. Double-click the installer package icon and follow the onscreen instructions.

Linux 64-bit

To install:

  1. sudo chmod +x
  2. sudo ./
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Linux 32-bit

To install:

  1. sudo chmod +x
  2. sudo ./
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

To update an existing installation of Wowza Streaming Engine with the latest features and enhancements, sign in to your Wowza account and go to My Downloads. After downloading the update, see How to update your Wowza Streaming Engine installation.


Deployment Options


Run Wowza Streaming Engine on one or more computers at your physical location, on your hardware, across your Internet connection.


Simply pay for each active instance and run multiple Wowza Streaming Engine instances on multiple computers using a single subscription license key; you don't need to purchase a separate license key for each machine.


Learn More about On-Premises Deployment »


Deploying Wowza software in the cloud means streaming your content from high-performance virtual machines hosted remotely.


Wowza Streaming Engine works with virtually all cloud hosting services, including Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, and others.

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform

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1. Get a Wowza GoCoder SDK License

To use Wowza GoCoder SDK™ software, you need a valid license. You can

  • Register for a free trial to receive a trial license key by email.
  • Contact us to purchase a license.

2. Download the Wowza GoCoder SDK Installer

The Wowza GoCoder software development kit (SDK) simplifies development of live audio- and video-streaming apps with a cross-platform API that provides capture and encoding support for a broad range of handheld devices.



3. Start Building Your App

Once you've downloaded and installed the GoCoder SDK, it's time to start building your app. Check out sample apps and visit the Wowza Developer blog and GoCoder SDK forum for more information.

4. Deliver Your Live Streams

Wowza Streaming Engine

Send your app's streams to Wowza Streaming Engine if you need total control over the server or wish to host on premises.


Learn More about Wowza Streaming Engine »



Wowza Streaming Cloud

Deliver your app's live video streams through Wowza Streaming Cloud if you need a managed solution.


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