Comprehensive Live & On-Demand Streaming Solution for Broadcasters

Reach and grow your audience with cost-effective and fully customizable streaming workflows.

Broadcasting for the Modern Era

Want to stand out amongst broadcasters in an age when everyone else seems to have it all? With Wowza's feature-rich platform, you can truly leverage the best of the latest technology to distinguish yourself from other broadcasters with high-quality video, audience insights, a custom OTT platform, ad insertion capabilities, and more.


Broadcast Live or Schedule Ahead

Broadcast live or pre-recorded content with flexible scheduling and workflow options.


Maximize Your Content's Impact

Repurpose live and pre-recorded content for video-on-demand streaming.


Reach a Global Audience

Access our extensive and secure content delivery network (CDN) to maximize your reach.


Control and Secure Your Content

Manage your live or pre-recorded broadcasts, organize complimentary VOD assets, and better secure access to both.


Gain Audience Insights

Track broadcast performance, audience metrics, and more with end-to-end analytics.

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Streaming Platform for Live & VOD Broadcasting

Whether you're a traditional broadcast network or an up-and-coming influencer or thought leader, you need a platform that can help you ensure an optimal viewing experience with reliable, scalable high-quality video.


Serve Your Viewers

With Wowza, it's possible to broadcast news, sports, government meetings, educational material, user-created content, and much more to millions of viewers in real time. Plus, you can create a fully end-to-end video application (or different solution) that integrates into your tech stack, and customize the viewer experience with our native HTML5 player.


Live, VOD, and Live-to-VOD

Want to stream live? No problem. Want to create a branded OTT platform so viewers can watch content whenever, wherever (think of it like your business's own Netflix)? Wowza has it covered. Want to pre-record streams and broadcast them as if they're live? Wowza can do that, too. Broadcast your videos in whatever way makes them accessible to the highest number of viewers.

Monetize Your Content

Accounting for ad breaks is a broadcaster's bread and butter. Streaming changed the game when it comes to ads, but Wowza empowers modern broadcasters like you to make the most of the ad space you have with both client and server-side insertion. Plus, we'll help you find the most relevant ads possible that drive revenue.


Scale to New Heights

Don't worry about limiting your audience size, either. Besides being compatible with every major protocol and codec, Wowza's powerful Real Time Streaming at Scale feature allows you to reach a million simultaneous viewers with sub-500 millisecond latency. That's so fast the human eye can't even tell the difference (as fast as it's possible to technologically get, really), and it won't burden your workflow.

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Wowza Video Platform Key Features


Robust Analytics

Optimize your video strategy with in-depth insights into your audience's demographics, behaviors, and preferences.


Tight Security

Rest easy knowing your data is safe with Wowza's SOC-2 Type II compliant platform.

Expand Your Reach

Global Scalability

Leverage our global CDN to reach viewers around the world, even if their internet connections are slow.


Builder-Focused Tech

Start quickly and build limitlessly with powerful functionality.

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35,000+ Video Streaming Implementations Worldwide

The solution you start with, the partner you scale with.

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