VOD Streams page in Wowza Video Legacy

This article introduces the different parts of the VOD Streams page to help you find your way around the Wowza Video user interface.

Note: Wowza Video subscribers can view their VOD stream assets on the VOD Streams page, but will use Asset Management to manage them. See Manage Assets page in Wowza Video

A VOD stream is a recording of a live stream that viewers can replay at a later date. After the broadcast is over and the live stream or transcoder is stopped, Wowza Video creates the VOD stream and generates a URL that you can use to configure playback in an HLS compatible player or device.

About VOD streams:

  • Configure through live stream or transcoder workflow.
  • Only available with Fastly stream targets.
  • Not available for 24x7 streams.
  • Captures up to eight hours of content. If a live stream or transcoder runs for longer than eight hours, the most recent eight hours are recorded.
  • VOD streams stored in Wowza Video generate additional costs. Billing is based on your peak storage, which is the greatest amount of recorded content (VOD streams and recordings) stored in a given month. To help you stay apprised of costs, you can check your peak storage at any time in Wowza Video. For more information, see Usage page in Wowza Video.
    Note: Wowza Video deletes VOD streams 90 days after an account is suspended or terminated.


You can disable playback of a VOD stream to prevent viewers from playing a stream. Additional security settings can also be configured to protect the delivery and access to the stream. These settings are configured on the stream target associated with the VOD stream.

With Fastly stream targets, you can require HTTPS for playback, apply geo-block restrictions to allow or block access in certain locations, and encrypt streams using token authentication. For more information, see the following articles:

Note: If you update the security settings for a Fastly stream target, those changes are automatically applied to the VOD streams associated with the target.

The VOD Streams page allows you to view, sort, and search your VOD streams. 

Do any of the following:

  1. Search – Find an older VOD stream by entering a complete or partial VOD stream name or ID. The search return 15 results per page. By default, results are sorted from newest to oldest.
  2. VOD Stream –  View all VOD streams or search results and sort streams by name, time, size, or status. Wowza Video automatically assigns a name when it creates the VOD stream. The VOD name includes the name of the live stream or transcoder and the date and time the live stream was started.
    1. Each VOD stream name links to the VOD Stream Details page. 
    2. The Usage link displays for Wowza Streaming Cloud subscribers. Wowza Video subscribers will use the Go to Asset Management link. The Actions field contains Available soon while the the VOD stream is being processed and might require a page refresh to update to the Go to Asset Management link after processing is complete. 
      Note: To avoid file management issues in storage, Wowza Video removes or replaces special characters in file names. You might notice this adjustment when the name in this column results from a real-time stream recording or a file uploaded from Asset Management. 

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