Edit a video poster in Wowza Video

Wowza Video creates several images from your video during the encoding process and assigns one as the default. The video poster image displays in a video before it starts playing.

You can change the video poster three ways:

  • Select a different image that's generated during encoding as the default.
  • Add an image already in your Image Library.
  • Upload a custom image to use as the video poster.

You can also use any frame in the video as the video poster.

Note: Make sure the aspect ratio of the custom image matches the ratio of the video clip.

To edit a video poster:

  1. Click Videos in the navigation.
  2. Select a Video in the Videos list.
  3. Click Change Poster. The current video poster displays at the top of the window.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Select one of the available images to be your new video poster. Click Update.
    • Select Upload New Poster. Choose a file to use. 
    • Select Pick Image From Gallery. Choose a file to use. Click Update.
  5. Review the updated video poster in the video preview.

Alternatively, you can use any frame from the video as the video poster. To do this:

  1. Play the video in the preview player on the Video Details page.
  2. Pause it on the frame you want to use as the poster.
  3. Click Change Poster. You will see the frame as an image with a film frame border.
  4. Select a new image, then click Update.