Use Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera controls

In Wowza Streaming Engine™ 4.2 (and later), with some cameras, you can control a camera's Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) features from within Wowza Streaming Engine Manager by launching the Pan/Tilt/Zoom Controller from the Incoming Streams page.

Access Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls

To access PTZ controls in your camera:
  1. In Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, create a connection from your live application to your camera and then verify that you are connected to the camera's stream.
  2. If you didn't enter your camera security credentials when creating the connection, edit these settings on the Stream Files page. In the live application's Stream Files page, click the Edit icon for the stream file connecting to your camera, ensure the correct user credentials are entered into PTZ User Name and PTZ Password, and then click Save.
  3. In the contents panel for your live application, click Incoming Streams, and then click the Pan Tilt Zoom icon for the stream connecting to your camera. A dialog box appears with camera controls and a preview of the camera feed. The preview image is a static capture that will refresh frequently. For more information on changing this refresh rate, see Specify per-stream settings in Wowza Streaming Engine .stream files.

    Note: Different camera models implement the PTZ features in different ways. If your camera doesn't respond to these controls, it may not be supported at this time.
  4. To pan and tilt the camera, use the four-way cursor buttons. To return the camera to its default position, click the Reset button in the center. To zoom the camera in and out, use the magnifying glass buttons.

  5. Click Close to return to the Incoming Streams page.

Change Pan/Tilt/Zoom settings

You can customize how Wowza Streaming Engine connects to your camera's PTZ controls and change values such as connection timeouts and the preview refresh rate.

To access PTZ settings:
  1. In Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, click the Applications tab, and then Stream Files under the name of your application (such as live) in the contents panel.
  2. Click the Edit icon for the stream file in the list that will re-stream your camera output.
  3. In the stream file's Properties tab, click Pan/Tilt/Zoom in the Quick Links bar.

For more information on each PTZ property, see Specify per-stream settings in Wowza Streaming Engine .stream files.